Is America Headed for a National Crack Up? Politics Has Been Made a Religion By Many!


JESUS! is the only answer! Politics is the playground of Satan. Satan has divided America more than ever since the Civil War! he playground of Satan! Many Americans love their politics MORE THAN JESUS!!!!!! They let Politics rule over their life! SHAME! It is a religion to many.


By Richard D. Land, Christian Post Executive Editor

Are ominous signs revealing deep divisions in American society serving as harbingers or warning alarms that the nation’s continuing unity is truly imperiled?

There are certainly multiple reasons for deep concern. The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics has published a survey revealing that 41% of President Biden’s voters believe that the nation is so hopelessly divided that they think the nation needs to be divided into “blue” nation and “red” nation. Sadly, 51% of President Trump’s voters agree with them.

When you drill down on the survey the results are even more ominous. If you add 41% of Biden’s voters (=38 million) with 52% of Trump’s voters (=38 million), we are confronted with the fact that 71 million Americans who actually voted in the 2020 presidential election are ready to give up on the American experiment. Their disdain and hostility toward their fellow countrymen, and their lack of tolerance of their differing convictions, have now reached the point of advocating national divorce.

Is America headed for a national crack up?

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