Five Reasons Church Giving Is Increasing Even Though Attendance Is Lower


Five Reasons Your Church’s Giving Is Increasing Even Though Attendance Is Lower

by Thom S. Rainer

Church Answers found that 44 percent of congregations experienced decreased giving since the pandemic began. But that means that 56 percent of the churches experienced either increased or level giving. We have been analyzing the phenomenon to attempt to discern why and how giving increases when attendance decreases. It seems counterintuitive. But when we began asking more questions, we found five good explanations for increased giving.

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Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Give to The Church

I was taught in Christian radio that only 10% of the listeners give, so very true, that or less. So very many soak in our resources and never give, that holds true here at FGGAM and so very many ministries. But God has surrounded us with very, very faithful givers and keeps us going. God performs miracles all the time here at FGGAM, like the time Pastor Ruben and Lucy Gomez of Midland, Texas donated the ‘JESUS CAR’ to us! AWE OF GOD!!!!  I like to shout it from the rooftops! It is an interesting dynamic, I know some Churches that are kept going by one just a few individuals. With the older demographics of many Churches, it is stressful for many Pastors. The population of young people in rural New Mexico is dropping as there are not many jobs and also many just do not go to Church. The elders have no one to follow in their footsteps in many cases. I know, I see it. I could do a sermon or two on giving. God has never ordered anything that He has not already paid for!



Charles Stone

Tithing is a spiritual discipline many Christians practice. In its simplest form, it means giving back to God 10 percent of what you make. I’ve practiced it for years as a regular part of my giving. I tithe ‘plus’ to my local church and I give to other causes on top of that. However, throughout my 35 years of ministry I’ve seen 10 common reasons that church people don’t tithe.

I list the 10 reasons people don’t tithe below with a counterpoint below each.

Reasons people do not give to the Church

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