This has become a common story here in Albuquerque! Visitors victimized by thugs! Nobody is safe in this city for sure! Police are overwhelmed. The Mayor has politized the Police Department. This lovely lady from Colorado could not get a hold of the Mayor, me either and she could not get 911 to answer. This is of great concern to me. When I have had to call 911, more than a few times in the last 2 months, I have gotten “do not hang up” more than once. What has happened to the infrastructure of the 911 service? I have had to hang up and call repeatedly. You also cannot get ahold of the Chief of Police. I guess the Mayor and Chief want to make it very difficult for the common folk to get a hold of them. One time I called 911 and the operator said please call 242-Cops! UGH! So it seems to me we have far to few Police Officers and 911 operators! What a mess! My heart goes out to our Police Officers and 911 operators, they do not have enough support from the Mayor and City Council!

The woman visiting from Colorado wants her family to move to Colorado. We have three kids in the Denver area and they want us to move up there very badly. Two of our kids live here. All the grandchildren are in Colorado. We are staying in Albuquerque until the LORD shows us differently. We know the LORD has us here for HIS purpose.

Woman visiting Albuquerque frustrated following car break-in

From Last Week:

My Review of Albuquerque Mayoral Debate:

 I just watched the debate on KOAT TV’s website. I believe it was well structured, which is seldom in TV debates anymore.  KOAT TV news anchor Doug Fernandez did an excellent job of running the debate. KOB radio and the Albuquerque Journal also took part. My overview is that abortion was never addressed, no surprise, but candidate Eddy Aragon clearly addressed the evil of legalized pot and that it will cause crime to rise in our already crime ridden city. Crime and homelessness where the two issues that drove the debate. Sheriff Manny Gonzales I believe, could have addressed the election fraud that his campaign committed much better, instead of passing the buck. So the Sheriff left me in a state of confusion. Eddy said Sheriff Manny should be in jail! Manny Gonzales Campaign Fraud I think too many are giving the Sheriff a free pass on this issue. I also was confused by the Sheriff’s policy on police cameras (Body Cams). Mayor Keller, is Mayor Keller, so we heard more of the same. He loves bureaucracy, layers of government and loves spending money, loves the Democratic party and their agenda.  Eddy is the only Republican running and he is very straight forward on his stance on everything from pot, to crime, to the homeless issue and the stadium issue. I encourage you to click on the link below and I beleive it will help you decide who to vote for. Some call Eddy a radical, well I don’t know about that, but he is very clear where he stands. He wants to clean house! Mayoral Candidate Eddy Aragon Hit With Ethics Complaint Albuquerque does need a huge clean up! It needs JESUS!

KOAT TV Albuquerque Mayoral Debate

In Christ Alone

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