The Bible Will Not Be Destroyed


September 26, 2021
Today’s Daily Devotional


“But the word of the LORD endures forever.”


There was a Roman Emperor whose name was Diocletian; he hated the Word of God. He brought in all the copies of the Word of God that there were, burned them, and erected a monument. Then he proclaimed, “The name Christian is now extinguished.” Yet, Diocletian is gone, and we still have the Word of God. The Bible is always being attacked. Almost every week you’ll read something in some magazine or newspaper about why the Bible is wrong. You have cults who twist the Bible. You have those who water the Bible down. You have the humanists who ignore the Bible. You have so-called Christians, many of them, who claim to love it but don’t study it. There’s enough dust on some Bibles to write damnation with your fingertips. These hath God married and no man shall part, dust on the Bible and drought in the heart. But, in spite of all of that, the Bible goes on endless, timeless, dateless, and measureless. “Forever, O LORD, your word is settled in heaven” (Psalm 119:89). Don’t be afraid of the enemies of the Bible; they’ll not destroy the Bible.

  • What are some ways people might seek to dismiss or destroy the Bible?
  • What are some ways you’ve seen the enduring power of the Bible?


Write out the ways the Bible speaks of itself, starting with 1 Peter 1:25.

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