“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”


Do you know God’s purpose for you in the Word of God? Number one, it’s to show you what you are by nature. And number two, to show you what you ought to be by God’s grace. God’s purpose in the Word of God is to make you like the Lord Jesus Christ. God is so pleased with His Son, the Lord Jesus, that He wants people just like Him. From Adrian Rogers.

I hear people say the war is over in Afghanistan, what fools! The war there continues against women and children and Christians, it is hell on earth in Afghanistan. America abandoned those poor souls. Blood is on the hands of President Biden. One of the worst foreign policy decisions in our history. Many Americans do not care. I read this week that only 1% of Americans consider foreign policy a factor in who they vote for. We have become a very selfish country. America is so tied up in ‘what is in it for me’ and ‘I worship a god that fits my life style.’ We allow the killing of God’s babies through abortion. We are in a civil war, I call it SPIRITUAL WARFARE Understanding Spiritual Warfare and the Importance of Prayer here in America. Way back in 2009 Bible Scholar Chuck Swindoll wrote this on the Sanctity of Life! Please read and share it with your friends, please I beleive we are below 50% or more of our population of being Christian. One of my friends puts it much lower than that. I know for sure the number of MATURE CHRISTIANS has dropped in great numbers. Many Pastors are tuning out the condition of the world. I am very thankful for the people standing in the gap for God’s babies. Texas is standing strong for God and babies! In the news report below you will find that Texas has now motivated other states to start moving for God and babies. The state I live in is ruled by a majority that does not care about God and babies. New Mexico is so off the path of God in so many issues. I do not not hear from many Church leaders on this, I hear crickets and high school pep rally’s. This is a heart issue, a heart for JESUS and babies. We will all have to answer for the killing God’s babies. But Hey, here in New Mexico we passed legalized pot, home delivery of booze, assisted suicide, how Satanic. The Republican party in New Mexico is very weak. There is a core of good Republicans fighting this ungodliness as best as they can. BUT! The GOP is the MINORITY PARTY in New Mexico and leadership does not seem to realize that, they act like the front runner but are in last place. The Dem’s rule this state. If the GOP is to win the race for governor and other offices it is going to have to realize it needs to convert Dems and Independents to their side. Unless they do this, the Dems will continue to rule New Mexico. God’s babies lose. Hell on earth, even if you think your little patch is green.

I will leave you this….Yesterday I was talking to a Pastor here in Albuquerque that said his Church is divided politically. I also heard from a lady that she is going to leave her Church in Albuquerque because it has become to political. STAND ON THE WORD OF GOD AND NOT POLITICS!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND WITH GOD! Do not be a fool! Pastors need to hold their people accountable to the WORD OF GOD!!! The hate toward me has increased now with the Texas heartbeat law and my support of this bill.

Change in New Mexico means hearing from the people, the common folk like you and me and Sharon. This is a non-partisan effort to help change New Mexico! FGGAM has joined an effort to help change our state. Below you will find a message from the New Mexico Business Coalition, the folks we have started to work with. Please fill out the questionnaire.

Thank you for working with New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) to build a statewide grassroots team that will solidify our ability to help each other on important issues and elections. We believe – and hope you will agree – that we need to take control of the agenda in our state. What needs to change in New Mexico?

Texas law opens door for other states to pursue abortion restrictions
The Supreme Court’s refusal to block the Texas “fetal heartbeat” law, the most restrictive abortion legislation in the U.S. to date, is expected to inspire more Republican-led states to follow in the Lone Star State’s footsteps.

Politicians in Arkansas, South Dakota and Florida, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), have already committed to at least looking into implementing a version of the Texas six-week abortion ban in their states.

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More Here From FGGAM:

Another Law Enforcement Officer Shot in New Mexico and One Wounded By Shrapnel

New Mexico continues to go to hell in a basket, as does our entire nation. It was a short time ago when we had 4 Albuquerque Police officers shot in one Satanic event. This is a growing problem in New Mexico and all over America as we become a godless nation. Satan is having his way with so very many. So many Americans no longer respect our Officers. We have become a lawless nation. Now comes the news of one deputy shot and another wounded by shrapnel here in New Mexico. I REPEAT! THIS IS A HEART ISSUE! HEARTS FOR JESUS ARE NEEDED!!! This is great responsibility that Pastors and the Church have in this hell we face! We must carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION AND REACH THOSE BLINDED BY SATAN! The same holds true for abortion!!! WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS IN NEW MEXICO??????? Do you belong to the ‘do little sit more Church?’ REACH THE LOST!!! IT IS A COMMAND FROM OUR LORD!!!!

You better get on your knees and thank the LORD fort all those that are standing in the gap against evil!!!!!! It is going to get worse, unless America returns to God!

Suspect killed, deputy shot in Valencia County

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