Look Deeper


“Look Deeper”

I encourage you to look deeper in the word,

And stop just relying on what you have heard.


The Bereans dug in and challenged the speaker,

They didn’t just sit and put faith in the preacher.


Don’t get me wrong this is not about them,

It’s all about us taking time for this Gem.


A Gem in the rough that when searched you will find,

A new way of life that will reset your mind.


The Bible is full of great power and strengths,

And is seen in the people God chose at great length.


From Adam and Eve to Jacob and Isaac,

Naomi and Ruth, Rebekah and Rahab.


Mary, Barnabas, Joseph and Paul,

Peter, Matthew, Luke and Jesus.


The list goes on, the stories are deep,

I can’t even count the blessings you’ll reap.


So I encourage you to look deeper today,

And stop just relying on the words others say.

By Stephen Lewis

Copyright © 2021 by Stephen Lewis

Relevance For Today Ministry

Kingdom Community Network


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