I had to read this over and over the last couple of days! My brother Pastor Jude Sisneros, pictured above, wrote this letter to me. I am in AWE OF GOD! It is like God speaking to me. Pastor Jude preaches with a passion for Jesus! He is so very close to JESUS! We all need to seek the face of JESUS constantly. Remember JESUS speaks to us through others. I have to tell you I needed this dose of encouragement for such a time as this! It is a miracle. Love you Brother Jude, I am soaking this in with my angel Sharon. When we give ourselves completely over to JESUS, HIS AWE IS WITH US DAILY, EVEN THROUGH THE DARKNESS OF THE DAYS WE LIVE IN. The attacks by Satan on my family have increased. Love you and Liz so very much Pastor Jude! I had to comeback here and write, that the more I read this the more I weep humbly.


Jesus Be The Center

Pastor Dewey:

I pray this will bless you…

If I was able to speak on behalf of Jesus, truly believe he would be saying these words to you, Because I believe that he is using your daily writings to bring a message of hope. it blesses me and so very many others that read them. . .

I believe Jesus is the center

I’m with you, I see you. I know how hard you work in the early mornings to bring the message of hope. I know how much you care. I know the deep commitment you have to your calling. Its your calling that sustains you through hard seasons of ministry, times when stones are thrown your way and times when people you care deeply for walk in and out of your life.

Jesus at the center

I also know that you believe you weren’t called to be a pastor only during the convenient times but also the really difficult times. I know you’ve been the listening ear of the many that share their hurts, pains and sufferings.. I believe you were moved and motivated by their stories and you prayed that God would give you the strength, courage and wisdom to give them Jesus their storms.

Jesus at the center

I know you’ve been called to proclaim the resurrected Christ with every ounce of energy in you, and that you pray that through FGGAM that many will experience the new life that is only found in the risen Christ. Its in today’s day and age that God has revealed the reason he called us both to be a pastor. Not just the easy seasons, not just the seasons where the fruit of Gods grace is so abundant that its bending the free limbs..but the times when the many are hurting, lonely, sick and full of unanswered questions. The times when the voices of today’s society bring them closer to death than the day before.

I know.. ..Jesus at the center

I know you are praying and longing asking God to give you spirit filled ideas to further His Kingdom, that could reach the lost and bound, to bring them to the church of repentance during this season of great disconnect. I know Pastor Dewey…l’m with you. feel it deeply.       It is no vacation when it comes to the called ministry of Gods great commission. That calling will just not allow us to just sit back on the side-lines like a Monday morning quarterback calling the shots. We’ve been called to be in the middle of it. He is in us, with us, and part of us..

Jesus at the center

I know family sometimes doesn’t understand the long hours, the middle of the night phone calls, the tired eyes, the exhausted mind, because they are also along for the ride.. because they also serve with the calling. We are not only a mission family but a commission family, and because we love them, and

they love us, and they know God loves us.. they stand in the gap with us.. they pray for our strength, our health, and the spiritual healing of those around us.. They pray that God will do a good work in us, so that He can do a good work through us…l know you’ve read many posts on social media with cunning words that say it is OK to just kick back at home and watch Netflix in our favorite pajamas…but the sickened feelings that bubbles inside us at the condition of this dying world keeps us uneasy. We are not OK with the prospect of siting by and watching it happen. We just cant! !! Why? Because we’ve been called.

Jesus at the center

I know the tension, and let me encourage you.. its a holy tension..its a holy unsettling. And we need to be the examples of Christ, the world needs the church to be Jesus in full display right now. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, we need to pray with anguish, we need to preach the full nuth of the gospel, even if it makes us unpopular…we need to make the calls, and answer the text messages filled with the Holy Ghost compassion of Christ. You need to continue to write the devotions of men, the testimonies of men, even though the day will come that you might get arrested for it. We need to point this dying world back to Gods written Word.

And when you grow tired.. remember the Words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

In closing.. ..

Our calling should always reflect Christ…and we will have desert times…But those desert times is God putting us in “Time Out”…To test our obedience. . . . He doesn’t want us to return to Egypt. Because if we quit… the message we send is so much louder than any message we ever preached. One day we will claim our promise land. But we can’t be complacent either or comfortable in THE Land-in Between..We have to expect to be challenged, the enemy will not go down without a fight…Even though things sometimes look hopeless my friend…Believe. Breakthroughs are around the corner, which will outnumber our breakdowns. With that being said.. Get ready to inherit your inheritance…How we may ask?

Let Jesus Be the Center

God Bless you Brother.. ..

Pastor Jude Sisneros

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