As I travel the state I have had to call 911 for various reasons and have had no answer at times not only in Albuquerque but other areas of the state of New Mexico! Each time when I have called back I do get an answer. What is going on? Not enough 911 operators is my guess. Too much crime for sure. The following report by KOB TV is very, very sad. I am thankful the 88 year old man is okay after being attacked by thugs!!! In the report is also tells us that some merchants in Albuquerque to do call 911 anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO MUCH CRIME! NOT ENOUGH OFFICERS!!! Albuquerque is expecting too much from its police force! Our officers are fighting crime with a garden hose! LACK OF SUPPORT FROM THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL!!!!!!

Albuquerque woman calls 911 three times, says no one answered

KOAT TV: Albuquerque police horses deterring crime: ‘It’s like foot patrol on steroids’

Wife of Wounded ABQ Policer Officer Holds The Mayor and Police Chief Accountable

I agree with Tryna Verbeck!!! Why are not more holding the Mayor and Chief accountable? Where are the men???????????? The Mayor pretends he knows CRIME!!!!!!!!!! He has no reason to be up in front of the cameras and microphones every time their is a shooting in Albuquerque! NONSENSE! He knows so very little about Law Enforcement! I feel bad for Police Chief Harold Medina, he is caught between the Mayor, politics and the Justice Department. Remember the Mayor fired the last Chief we had in a city park. The Mayor runs the police department. I am very disturbed by the lack of support for our Police Officers! We learned from Tryna Verbeck that the day her husband and three other officers were shot there was only 5 officers on duty in the foothills, and 4 were shot!!!!!!! The city of Albuquerque is fighting this horrific Satanic wave of crime with a garden hose. It will continue to rage, it is Spiritual Warfare! Hearts need be changed for JESUS! The Church in Albuquerque needs to hit the streets and carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION, to reach into hell and save souls for JESUS! It is time for Christians to look into the mirror. What are you doing for JESUS? For heavens sake people of New Mexico you allow the killing of God’s babies through abortion!!! What are you doing about it? Do you understand my friend that carrying out THE GREAT COMMISION is not a suggestion? It is a command from our LORD!


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