PRAY TEAM JESUS! Drought, Water Shortage, Wildfires: Raging wildfire destroys much of California Gold Rush town


Team Jesus let is pray for rain for California, and for the safety of all…….

BREAKING NEWS: Raging wildfire destroys much of California Gold Rush town

Team Jesus, Please pray for rain. When we visited California this summer it was bad and not it is worse. Man thinks he knows all, but man can not create water, when your out your out. Many in California and all throughout America have left God. America suffers from a spiritual drought. America continues to be its own worst enemy, we are so divided. So many Americans have developed large EGO’S, which stands for edging God out, thinking they are above God Almighty! Without God we are nothing.

California water regulators took unprecedented action this week, passing an emergency regulation that will bar thousands of Californians from diverting stream and river water as the drought worsens.

The State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously Tuesday to pass the “emergency curtailment” order for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed. The watershed encompasses a wide swath of the state, from the Oregon border in northeastern California down into the Central Valley.

‘Running out of options’: California resorts to water cutoffs as drought worsens

Report outlines Colorado River resilience strategies

U.S. Drought Monitor

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