Pastor Dewey inspires me every day from about 1,100 miles away


Pastor Dewey Note: This message touches my heart so very much. The following letter is from Dane Nielson, (Dane and his precious family are pictured at top) I graduated from high school with his Mommy, Kim in 1974 in Windom, Minnesota. Kim would text me from time to time encouraging me and also to keep writing letters to the editor of the Windom newspaper. We still place scripture ads in the Citizen newspaper in Windom and also air our radio program on KDOM Radio in Windom. Kim came to the first revival we held in Windom, she showed her love and care for us. It takes people like Kim to keep others going, affirming others to keep going forth, to be strong and loving in the Lord. Windom helps keep FGGAM strong! Kim passed away into the arms of Jesus several years ago, but Dane continues affirming others as his Mommy did. Dane is Assistant Principle at the Windom Elementary Schools, he is a leader in the community. PTL! He helps keep Windom Strong! He loves the LORD! I told Dane months ago that God showed me that he would be a  Superintendent of Schools some day.

For God’s Glory Alone Ministries

Congratulations to Pastor Dewey Moede and Sharon on 9 inspiring years of “For God’s Glory Alone Ministries.”  Pastor Dewey inspires me every day from about 1,100 miles away. It’s exciting to share a love and passion for our home community of Windom, MN. Pastor Dewey was so kind to share an encouraging video message for our Windom Area Elementary morning announcements. This is another fine example of his servant leadership and spreading the electrifying good word of hard work and love. Here’s to many more years of FGGAM and the blessings provided each and every day.

Dane Nielsen & Family

Windom, Minnesota

Assistant Principal

Windom Area Elementary

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