In Honor of Dewey’s Faithful Years For God’s Glory Alone Ministries


In Honor of Dewey’s Faithful Years For God’s Glory Alone Ministries

I’ve known Dewey since the early days when he was with KKIM Christian radio and what I know to be true during those years is his faithfulness in his calling to obediently and lovingly serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with his gifts, talents and abilities.

Dewey has a deep, abiding unction to inform the church of what’s going on daily in our sin laden world through the use of his unique website. I’m very thankful he’s allowed me a platform to contribute articles on it every now and then when I can. Some of my articles are purposely hard hitting wake up calls to the saints and some are simply informative to anyone. Nevertheless, Dewey has graciously provided for me an opportunity to be heard as he has with several other of his trusted writers as well.

Dewey has the gift of preaching in that he is instrumental in bringing together God’s elect to learn of His Word and then to be able to apply it in their daily walk in the world.  Dewey, as a minister of The Word conducts himself in such a way that those who hear him recognize that it is not so much him that is doing it, but rather the Spirit of God in him and by him. This is what makes Dewey’s ministry living and powerful.  Of the spiritual gifts God graciously gives to each of his saints, it is truly the prize of preaching that is the most excellent. There are two aspects of what Dewey does: preaching the Word of God and public prayer on behalf of Christ. Such a glorious prize that one day Dewey will joyfully lay at the Feet of our precious Savior.

Dewey labors in the field of Scripture. He is like the farmer who carefully plans his crop all the way through to a bountiful harvest. God will richly reward Dewey on that magnificent day for his faithful harvesting of souls through his love of preaching and through his website’s ministry.

So, I say to you who faithfully follow FGGAM and who listen to Dewey’s love of our Lord… support him and his precious wife Sharon with prayer and gifts… and support FGGAM with prayer and gifts… for they labor in God’s love to bless the saints – that’s you and me – and to lovingly and uncompromisingly present The Savior to those whom He draws near to Him.

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