If your living for this world….your painting the decks of a sinking ship


We want to thank Sandy Harrington of Albuquerque for donating to us the ‘Team Jesus’ T-shirts in celebration of our 9 years serving God here at FGGAM! PTL!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE JESUS! CWE LOVE YOU!!!! We are handing out the t-shirts as we travel! Pictured here is Eloy Blan of Clayton Assemblies of God! Love all the folks there, love preaching there for my dear brother Pastor Randall Floyd!

If you know me at all, I love ‘old time religion’ this is from Adrian Rogers….give me some of that ‘old time religion’!!!!!  Fancy dancy will not get you any where.

If we’re living for the world, we’re painting the decks of a sinking ship. This world is passing away and the fashion thereof, and soon the mossy fingers and the foul breath of decay are going to take away all those toys and prized possessions we have. Satan sails a sinking ship. He rules a doomed domain. Long after this world is passed away, and long after this world as we know it is turned to rust and dust and mold and corruption, all those things that people have dreamed for and schemed for and sold their souls for will be junk, if they exist at all. But those who know the Lord will be sitting in the Kingdom, praising Him.

Are there things of this world you value too highly?
How might you move your focus from the temporal things of the world to the eternal things of Christ?

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