God Has Given Us a Conscience, Our Moral Compass! Share It!


This morning on the House of Hope I want to share with you that three Albuquerque Police Officers were shot during an armed robbery. Please pray for the officers. One is critical at this time. This morning I want to share with you about the power of your conscience. God gave us the gift of a conscience to act as a moral compass. Many in the world do not have morals. They are ruled by Satan. We see it all the time on TV. They do not know Jesus. It is so very important that you carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! It is not a suggestion it is a command. We must reach the lost who are blinded by Satan. America is being overrun by Satan, by drugs and such evil gangs. You might call them domestic terrorist’s for Satan.

Since Jesus is the truth, John 14:6, trusting Him is the first step toward developing a good conscience.

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