Charles Spurgeon Suffered Depression – And Wrote About It




Adrian Warnock

In 1856, my friends at Christian Heritage London reminded us that Spurgeon suffered depression. A great trial of depression was unleashed on him. We quite rightly think of him as a great preacher. But in an instant, he was transported into great depression. This was not the only time he experienced depression, either.

We should keep in mind that if Spurgeon suffered depression none of us is immune from the troubles of this world. Spurgeon suffered depression that was triggered by the carnage and death unleashed when someone cried out ‘Fire!’ during a gathering of 12,000 who were there to hear him preach. Seven people died and others were seriously injured. For us maybe the trigger is something altogether milder. The feelings may be similar, however.

I thought I would share with you, 160 years after these events, the way Spurgeon suffered depression and described both its effect on him, and how he experienced miraculous healing.

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