An Open Letter to Silent Pastors – Fight or Fade Away


What would JESUS say?

Time for all Pastors to look into the mirror, including Church leaders and all Christians. The scoreboard shows we are losing. Stop blaming others.

Pastor Shane Idleman nails it! Spot on! I always say “I have come to comfort the inflicted and inflict the comfortable.” Too many Pastor’s and Church leaders have become to comfortable in the so called kingdom THEY have built! Pastors need to read the history of America and how Pastors helped establish America and fought for God and Country! How about the Pastors that fought during the American Revolutionary War? Many would wear their war uniform under their Pastors robe and go fight the enemy after their sermon. This thing of big buildings that look like college campuses?? What is that all about??? BIG BUDGETS TO MAKE???? STAGES AND PERFORMANCES LIKE HOLLYWOOD???? PEP RALLIES??? BIG SCREEN TV’S???? The America Church loves to preach to the choir and has kicked the Ten Commandments and The Great Commission to the curb.  I think JESUS will turn over the tables in many, many Churches! Christian media right now every week is reporting on Church scandals, I get sick of that!!!!!! You would think you were reading a secular newspaper! I don’t report on so many of them because it is like a rap sheet. IT MAKES ME SICK!!! So many so called Christians are showing an unbelieving world just what it wants to see! Satan is having his way with many. What would Jesus do for such a time as this? I always check in with Jesus, everyday, to make sure I am doing what HE wants me to do, not what people want me to do! Look at America!!! The American Church is losing!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my Pastor friends that has been a preacher for over 50 years stated, “Pastors need to get out of the office and go and share Jesus, stop concerning themselves with budgets and meetings.”

Much of the Church has become like the secular world for sure. What would JESUS say?

I have to say that the Churches that I go to, PTL!!!!!! JESUS, JESUS, JESUS is the focus!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

Pastor Shane Idleman: An Open Letter to Silent Pastors – Fight or Fade Away

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