Where is the Governor? Where is the help? Have you heard from the Governor?? If you have, please let me know! Why wasn’t the National Guard called up to help with clean up??? Why has the Belen area not been declared a disaster area? If it has let me know please! One man said on KOB TV the other night, “They (the state government) have forgotten about us.” I am tired of writing stories about flooding in the Belen area. This is dysfunction of government. Lack of proper infrastructure. So many folks in the Belen area have suffered enough over the years. I guess the Governor and her team think pot and space ships will solve everything. There have been other areas in New Mexico that have suffered from flooding. I hear the sound crickets from Santa Fe. The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District is so very, very slow on the draw! Belen already suffers from poverty, a severe drug addiction problem and crime. I hear from folks time and time again how Belen is suffering in many ways.

I drove through the Belen area this past Sunday on my way to FBC in Reserve to preach. Enough is enough! If you can shoot off a space ship from the spaceport in New Mexico you surely can spend money to help these folks! What was it? 1.5 Million was spent just to advertise this spaceship launch? You gotta take care of God’s people, God’s babies…..

I see it everyday, so many in New Mexico are suffering in many ways, whether it be drug addiction, hunger, child hunger and well-being is awful here, crime victims, flooding, poverty, homelessness. JESUS! JESUS! is needed in this state and nation. DON’T FORGET! While these fools do their thing, babies are killed in our state through abortion.

Too many politicians and others in this state and in our Nation think they live on the throne…….


“…that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth.”


Do you want kingdom authority? Would you like for God to be pouring His life and His strength into you? That authority is not for rebels. You will never be over until you’re under; you must come under the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ and not be ashamed of that. If one day every tongue will confess Him and every knee will bow, now is the time to begin. Now is the time to have a coronation of Jesus in our lives.

In every person’s heart and life, there’s a throne. If self is on the throne, Christ is on the cross. If self is on the cross, Christ is on the throne. Today is the day to put Him on the throne of your life. And then, when it’s time to die and those chilly waters of death start to come around your feet, you will be able to say, “Jesus Christ is Lord.” And when the trumpet sounds, the graves give up their dead, the sky is split asunder, and the Lord Jesus comes in all of His glory, we will rise in the resurrection and say, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

  • Where have you held back from putting Jesus on the throne of your life?
  • How does it affect your future to submit to Jesus as King today?


Assess the things you need to give up to truly make Jesus King of your life and take action on this today.

Belen, NM Flooding Leads to Lawsuit


“Ideological intensity and fragmentation have risen”

Here’s my guess: you probably side with the side you already sided with before the controversy began. If you sympathize with Democrats, you likely see them as fighting for their constituents. If you sympathize with Republicans, you likely see them as abandoning their jobs and thus their constituents.

Here’s another guess: like most Americans, you probably feel stronger about your partisan views than you did even a few years ago. Here’s one reason political passions in America have become much more intense: our religious passions have become much less so. Consequently, the former are replacing the latter.

The Atlantic recently reported: “As Christianity’s hold, in particular, has weakened, ideological intensity and fragmentation have risen. American faith, it turns out, is as fervent as ever: it’s just that what was once religious belief has now been channeled into political belief” (their italics).

Historian Niall Ferguson agrees: “We are dealing not just with the decay of traditional religion, but far worse, the rise of new fake religions, political religions.” (I disagree that the “rise of new fake religions” is “far worse” than the “decay of traditional religion,” but I understand his point.)

He continues: “One thing that’s very clear from the twentieth century is that when people take their religious feelings and they apply them to political ideologies, terrible things can happen.” He references as examples the Nazis who thought of Hitler as the redeemer of the German nation and those today who treat scientists as if they are infallible.


Team Jesus! Please help if you can! I have preached at this Church…..it is a wonderful family of God led by my Dear Freind Pastor Richard Garcia.

Richard Garcia created a fundraiser for Christian Family Fellowship Church of God.

Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit. Click on Pastor Richard’s name and it will take you to his Facebook page and information on this very worthy cause.

I have to ask where is the Governor? I do not think she has been to Belen to see the disaster? Where is the the National Guard to help with clean up from this disaster. Why hasn’t the Governor declawed this a disaster area? If you know differently let me know, please.

Too many times I have watched flooding in Belen. When State Rep. Rebecca Dow spoke out a couple weeks ago about the infrastructure problem of New Mexico she was spot on! I would think that there is a better way to protect communities like Belen from flooding. I heard one businessman in Belen say on TV that ‘know one cares about us’. I do not all the ins and outs of this situation but when it happens time and time again, something needs to improve. Rural New Mexico needs help from the Governor and the legislature. There is an excellent core of State Senators and Representatives in rural New Mexico, but they cannot do it alone. The state does not begin and end in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Belen Floods Again

‘It was really sad to see’: Flooding damages Belen church

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