What Constitutes an American?


President of the United States, Joe Biden, made an extraordinary statement on July 2nd regarding what constitutes an American.

Speaking at a naturalization ceremony to essential workers and military personnel, the president stated, “I’ve often said that America is the only nation in the world founded on an idea,” Biden continued. “Every other nation in the world is founded on the basis of either that — geography or ethnicity or religion. You can define every — almost everyone else based on those characteristics, but you can’t define America. I defy you to tell me what constitutes an American. You can’t do it. We’re an incredibly diverse democracy.”

Mr. Biden then quoted (more or less) from the Declaration of Independence when he said, “But there is one thing that does define us a country: We were founded on an idea that, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [and women] are created equal…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…Life, Liberty, [and] the pursuit of Happiness,'”

These two statements are contradictory. These truths of our founding documents are how you define what constitutes an American.
I strenuously object to the notion of truths as ideas. For this reason, we are losing the republic; these truths are no longer self-evident; they are meant for a Christian nation.

Consider the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness given by the Creator; the president and his fellow progressives reject them.
Starting with life, it is self-evident that no life should be taken from conception to natural death, yet that is not the position of Joe Biden and his supporters who advocate the right to take any unwanted or inconvenient life.

Then there is liberty. It is a simple concept to understand for the Christian, but without the truth of Christ, it is lost. The authoritarian left wants to dissolve freedom of speech, religion, association, and much more. Liberty must be surrendered for the greater good.

Finally, there is the pursuit of happiness. We can make the definition of this right difficult, and the world certainly does just that to obscure the truth. Simply put, this is the American dream. That should be unencumbered by the government and other forces to be able to work hard and prosper. The Marxist doctrine opposes this right through oppressive regulation, taxes, and many other ways as the elites can imagine.

Contrary to the belief of President Joe Biden, it is simple to define what constitutes an American because true Americans don’t define themselves by skin color, economic status, or other external characteristics.

We define ourselves by the Creator’s self-evident truths that we are created equal, and we have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, we need Jesus to realize the full potential of these truths.

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