U.S. Government Could Run Out of Money in August, What About Taxpayer Funding For Abortions??!!?!


These fools in D.C., both parties, are just using monopoly money, we already have drowned in red ink!!! The day of reckoning has passed and they are so caught up in their egos, they don’t care about the common folk. BOTH PARTIES ARE GUILTY! THEY BOTH NEED JESUS!!!! Jesus is the answer! Not politics! D.C. stinks to ‘high heaven’. I am an Independent and will not be associated with either party, just like I would not be associated with a dysfunctional Church! Don’t get caught up in the pig pen!

This Sunday I will be preaching at FBC in Reserve and I will share about the so called leaders of this Country forgetting about the ‘common man’ REMEMBER THAT TERM???? GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN US! YES! I am not politically correct, I am not of this world, thank GOD for that!


POLITICS. Politicians in Washington, D.C. continue their spending spree but there’s a reckoning coming. If the debt ceiling isn’t raised by the end of July, the government could run out of money in August. Here’s the story.

Senator Rand Paul and infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci were at odds Tuesday during a Senate hearing. They leveled serious accusations against each other; here’s what happened.

Several lawmakers have pointed out when universities give chemical abortifacient pills to their students, its tantamount to taxpayer funding for abortion. Here’s what they’re trying to do to stop it.

The battle for federal tax funding of abortion has reignited in Washington, D.C. In an interview this week with CBN News Capitol Hill Correspondent Abigail Robertson, one pro-life organization says President Biden has “thrown taxpayers under the bus.” Here’s why.

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