The Role of a Pastor: 16 Things People Never See


Pictured at the very top is my buddy Pastor Paul Holt of the Frist Baptist Church in Magdalena! Pastor Paul and his lovely wife Jo, have been a huge key in our 9 years of service here at FGGAM! PTL!!! Over the years I have had the blessing of filling in for Pastor Paul and I just love his congregation so very much, they love Pastor Paul and Jo so very much!

This is an awesome message by Rod Edmondson! Please share it with your Pastor and friends. Love on your Pastor more than ever!

A Pastor wears many hats. The role of a pastor includes some activities you might not even be aware.

People often wonder about the role of a pastor.

  • What is it you have to do when you’re not preaching?
  • Must be nice to only work one day a week.
  • I’d like to come see you this afternoon. Since it’s not Sunday I’m assuming you’re free.

Believe it or not, I’ve heard all of those. Most are simple misunderstandings. Sometimes people are just trying to be funny. I must admit. It’s not always funny—not laugh out loud funny at least, because the jokes have grown stale by now. They are still new to someone, I suppose.

The Role of a Pastor: 16 Things People Never See

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