Today is the birthday of the nation I love! AMERICA! Many are trying to tear down AMERICA, but I beleive the light of freedom and love still shines in our Nation that was founded by God. Many are trying to smother that light and change everything in our society. God’s Truth will prevail in the long run. Today is also my 65th birthday, I have been so super blessed by my LORD and my wife Sharon and my kids and grandkids and my doggies and all my friends. I love all people, the only way to change bad behavior is through the love of JESUS, not hate. I know I see it almost everyday. I pray the hate from all sides stops now. You can hold people accountable and love them at the same times, back in the day it was called ‘tough love.’ That does not mean being hurtful to the person, it means speaking the truth in love.

I love this story from the Kansas City Royals! It shows many have not forgotten those that have served our Country and that we honor our elders. It is so very precocious! These stories get buried in much of the media today because it is full of all sorts of nasty stuff. Don’t get addicted to the ‘nothing noise’ stay focused on God and His Words. Amen!

A World War II veteran of the Coast Guard, the 106-year-old Mabel Johnson has seen her share of the nation’s birthdays.

The Olathe resident celebrated this year’s birthday by throwing out the first pitch at Friday night’s Kansas City Royals game.

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