It’s Time to Pay The Cook

I write this on behalf of all my fellow “small church” pastors.
You would NEVER seriously consider going into a restaurant or cafe, sitting down, eating til your heart (and stomach) were content and full, then simply thank the cook and wait staff, and walk out without PAYING THE BILL (tempted to, maybe, but never actually do it).
Then why do so many do this to their spiritual “cook” and staff each week? Many sit in church, receive the spiritual meal “cooked” and served by their pastor and staff (either paid or volunteer, doesn’t really matter), then get up after “dining” and walk out the door, never once (or very seldom, anyway) contributing to the financial well-being of the church and pastor! Remember, many small church pastors are NOT called to be bi-vocational. God has called them to be a pastor and give their entire “work time” to that calling.
Now there is also the biblical command/instruction/guidance about supporting the church and those involved in “vocational” ministry to consider, but I’ll not dwell on that except to say this:
For those who don’t believe that “tithing” (giving 10%) is for today because we live under the New Testament and grace, I’ll agree with you IF you will follow the NT directives to be generous in your support and giving, which translates into giving well above and beyond the 10% (and yes, this pastor practices what I’m “preaching” in this matter).
And for those who want to say, “Pastors shouldn’t worry about money; God will provide.”, I agree. But I have it on very good authority that God NEVER ONCE wrote a check – He’s left that up to you and me.
So please, don’t just give your church and pastor platitudes – relieve much of the stress they operate under by “paying the tab” faithfully.

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