Why Do Spiritual Droughts Happen?


There is no political solution to any of the issues below…..it is all a God issue, New Mexico has a heart problem, a heart for God is lacking in many. All of America has a heart for God issue.

The Jan. 6th insurrection of our Nations Capitol was a sure sign of Spiritual Warfare in America. Spiritual warfare is real. But don’t worry, God is with you. I am so dumbfounded on why more Americans are not concerned what really happened on Jan. 6th. GOD KNOWS ALL!  Many are blinded by Satan, this was one of the darkest days in American history! Satan had his way and is having his way with many, including so called political leaders. I am still in shock of all the Pastors and church members that supported these people of Satan. I get asked all the time when I am evangelizing, Why do Christians support evil politicians?” I am working to carry out The Great Commission and that evil has hindered my efforts! Not a Godly testimony!!!!!!!!! OH! Satan is having a heyday in America, a Spiritual Drought, for sure: WHY DO SPIRITUAL DROUGHTS HAPPEN? Here in New Mexico we are in a very serious situation as is the entire western half of America, NO RAIN! Where is the Church? I pray, that all Churches open their doors for prayer. What about everyday the Church pray at noon for rain? We must repent of our great sins against God.

New Mexico is a state that kills God’s babies, feeds addictions of pot and booze, now home delivery of booze, gambling, and all sorts of evils thrive in New Mexico. So much money is being made by doing evil. There will be hell to pay for sure.

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