Water Levels Dropping at Elephant Butte: NM State Rep. Rebecca Dow: “We are in a crisis”


As I write this at 4am it is already 79 degrees in Albuquerque with a high today of 102. Temps will be around 100 degrees for the next several days with no rain in sight. The drought is worsening. We have plenty of reports for you this morning. We are calling for all Churches to open their doors everyday at noon for prayer. We must seek the face of the Lord and pray for rain.

I have not heard one word from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on the drought or the states infrastructure problem’s.

I have messaged State Rep. Rebecca Dow in the past that she should run for governor. I have followed her closely. She does not beleive the state begins and ends in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. I love it that she fights for rural New Mexico and is aware of failing infrastructure. New Mexico needs a governor that looks after ALL OF THE STATE! ALL PEOPLE! Rebecca Dow is also pro-life! I also am thankful for others in the Roundhouse such as Gail Armstrong, she also would make a good governor. There is a core of godly people that are more than capable of being a good steward of our state. Casey Torres of KOB TV does a good job in this report on the problems at Elephant Butte:

Poor water management, statewide drought cited as reasons for dropping water levels at Elephant Butte

Fire crews mop up bosque fire in Albuquerque; Belen bosque fire still 0% contained

New Mexico! No Water, No Food

Opinion: The Southwest’s water problems are about to get much worse

The drought is getting very bad here in New Mexico. Temps will be near or at 100 in the next several days in New Mexico with no rain in sight and fire danger high.


The reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam has reached a record low level, a sign of the negative impact extreme droughts are having on the region.

The falling levels are a huge worry for farmers and people living in Western states who depend on Lake Mead as part of their water supply.

Reuters reported that the surface of Lake Mead, the reservoir shaped by the Hoover Dam, had dropped to 1,071.56 feet above sea level as of 11 p.m. local time on Wednesday, falling below the lowest level that had been previously set on July 1, 2016.

The reservoir’s water level has dropped 140 feet since 2000, according to Reuters.

Hoover Dam at Record Low

California Drought Leads to Mandatory Water Restrictions for Millions

U.S. Drought Monitor

Complete Weather Information For The World Here

Parts of the western states have received some needed moisture in the last few weeks.  While we are indeed grateful for every drop, we desperately need much, much more to bring this drought to an end.   I am asking for, and believing God for supernatural weather pattern changes in what would be deemed normal in the West for the remaining months of 2021.   I am asking the Sovereign LORD Who parted the seas to impart rain to the undeserving people within these drought lands.   He has said, “Ye have not cause ye ask not.”

“LORD GOD our Creator and Father Sustainer, I am asking for much more timely rain.  I am asking that You would grace us with a summer unlike any other the West has encountered; a summer salted with supernatural rain.   LORD, we need it, and You have it in Your power to bring supernatural weather pattern changes to rescue.   I, we, trust You, LORD.   This is not a wish, this is a prayer of expectancy . . . let it rain, and raise Your glory high.  In Jesus, we plead, Amen!”

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