10 Observations and Random Thoughts


Wednesday Morning 10 Observations and Random Thoughts:

1. We have become a very vain, yet lazy nation.
2. It’s a shame when people become more upset over “games” than issues of morality.
3. The Bible is shown to be true by what is happening around us – good is called evil, and evil is called good.
4. We often refer to someone as a “good person”. Human goodness is actually quite irrelevant in the overall scheme of eternity.
5. Although knowledge and information have increased, wisdom and common sense have greatly decreased.
6. God established the family as the building block of life and society; satan, therefore, attacks the family with more intensity than even the Church.
7. No matter who you are, if you’re hope, faith, and confidence are in Jesus and (anything), instead of Jesus alone – you lose.
8. When we use the excuse that “I’m only human”, we negate the effect of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ and the power He imparts to us through the Holy Spirit.
9. Prayer should be our first course of action, not a last-ditch effort when all else has failed.
10. Political leaders come and go, but King Jesus reigns FOREVER!

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