TV Star Alan Autry Who Played Bubba ‘In the Heat of the Night’ Releases His Movie ‘Victory By Submission’


Years ago my Dear Brother in Christ Dr. Joe Fawcett introduced me to Alan Autry by phone. Alan appeared on my program twice at KKIM Radio. Did you know he played in the NFL? I did not know that. Dr. Joe and Alan are Christian Brothers from years back in Fresno, California where Alan ended up being the Mayor for a time, he also did a lot of talk radio. I still love watching him in the reruns of ‘Heat of the Night’ he plays the role of Bubba so very well. Dr. Joe told me the other day about the movie Alan has released ‘Victory by Submission’!!! I WATCHED IT THE OTHER DAY ON ‘DISH.” WOW!!! POWEFUL!!! IT PREACHES JESUS!!! AMEN!!! This movie should be shown in every homeless shelter, drug rehab, Church and home. KEEP PREACHING ALAN!

FRESNO, California (KSEE/KGPE) – Former Fresno Mayor, Alan Autry, is the writer, producer, and director of a film called “Victory By Submission.”  The movie airs Tuesday, April 6 on several streaming services like Comcast, Cox, Direct TV, and Spectrum.

“I believe it’s the first locally-produced film by local people that have so-called hit it big in terms of distribution, and that’s a big thing,” said Autry.

The film cost was less than a million dollars to make and has more than 200 cast and crew members from the Central Valley.

“We brought a couple of name actors in, Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man, Fred Williamson who’s known and big in Europe, Eric Roberts.  Outside of that, all the crew, the other actors are local folks and I’m pretty proud of that.”

Former Fresno Mayor produces film airing on several streaming platforms April 6th

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