Thoughts This Mother’s Day and Beyond

She was there when you were conceived, there through every trimester (Obviously 😀). She was there when you took your first breath, there for your first taste of food, and 100’s of other firsts. You are on her mind every day, when you are sleeping, when you are awake, when you are playing and especially when you are away from her at school, college, the Military, down the road, or even far away. There is one thing you can never get away from and that is the Love of a Great Mother! She was put on this earth as a true symbol of Our Heavenly Fathers Love. In secret she worries about you, cries for you, stands in the gap for you and would truly chase off anyone who dare tries to harm you. If this description of what a Mom is, relates to you then praise God you are an Amazing Mother!! For those of you who may have had a rough start in Motherhood, never give up, never be afraid to say sorry and I Love You. Being a Mother is not easy to say the least, it comes with tears, sadness, stress, unselfishness, time, compassion, more time, and overall selflessness

and the list goes on. The most amazing thing about our Mothers is, they are there with us from the very beginning and even after they pass away they are still with us in our hearts and minds. So I close with this, have a blessed Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s doing their best including my Incredible Wife Barb and my Incredible Daughter Samantha; and Love to all those who have passed on, including my Amazing Mother who passed in 2019 and my Amazing Mother In Law who passed in 2014. Missed but never forgotten…..

Happy Mother’s Day! You truly deserve more then just 1 Day a Year to be recognized!

Stephen Lewis

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