There I stood.  Naked, dirty, with head held low and stooped shoulders.  I was shackled with all the crimes and stood guilty.  The creepy guy with a shrill voice shouted, “ ok, what are my bids for this vile creature” as he pointed at me.  Silence.  I knew.  Who would want some one like me with all these chains?  Still silence.  Then I heard a voice.  WHAT?  Someone bid on ME??? Unbelievable!  But the voice was loud, firm AND persuasive.  Finally the old creepy guy said, “SOLD!”  “WHAT?”  I asked.  “Who to?”  I couldn’t believe anyone would want me.  The old creepy guy pointed.  I looked up to see a long haired guy with beautiful eyes holding out hands with holes in them.  He said, “ME!  I want you to be mine.  I bought you!”  I stood amazed.  Then as I approached him he reached out and took off my chains and said, “You may go – you are free”.  I had no words as I stood AMAZED that I was now free of ALL those heavy chains.  I fell to my knees in thanks giving, and shouted to him, “I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU”.  He said, Yes, COME FOLLOW ME!”

“You are not your own…because you were bought by God for a price..”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭6:19-20‬ ‭NCV‬‬

The man with the holes in His hands.

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