Mother’s Day 2021-A Tribute to All Mom’s


Welcome to the House of Hope on this Mother’s day 2021. I want to share this wonderful Mother’s Day poem by Betty Fritz who writes for us here at FGGAM.ORG I have pictured my Mom, Ruth Irene Moede at the very top. I love her so very dearly…I miss her so very much. I am thankful for all the things she taught me that I still try and apply to my life to this day.

Here is the poem that Betty wrote about her Mama………

Mama, I’ve tried to pass your wisdom on, but it’s so hard to recall

the sage advice and childhood tales you shared when we were small.

The details now are sketchy, but how I loved to hear

how things were when you grew up and hardships you endured.

Mama, I remember, you made your own lye soap.

When life was cruel, you kept your cool, and kept us fed and clothed.

“It stays outside,” was what you said, when a stray dog we brought home.

Then you were first to bring him in, and offered him a bone.

How I wish I’d written down, your wisdom and your wit,

the ways of old, the tales you told, how winners never quit.

“Stand up straight. Clean your plate. Wash behind your ears,

Do your best. Life’s a test. God hears all our prayers.”

I might forget some things you taught about life and growing up,

but I won’t forget your patience or your love.

We knew that all was well, when you tucked us into bed.

God is watching over us…It’s true, cause Mama said.

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