John Piper on Repentance, Confession, and How to Kill Lust


Pastor Dewey Moede Note:

The world needs mature Christians…so many hurt their Christian testimony with sinful posts on Facebook and out in public…be serious about your relationship with Jesus folks! Be a mature, wonderful, and loving ambassador for JESUS! This morning I am post a message from John Piper on sin. Piper said its incorrect to use the word repentance for habitual sins we commit. He pointed to language in the New Testament, specifically in 1 John 1:8-9, where the word confession is used instead of repentance.
The 75-year-old theologian said, “Any thought, any attitude, any word, any facial expression, any gesture, any action that does not flow from a treasuring of Jesus is sin….Sin is a condition of the heart that is bent away from God in preference for other things, and sin is any expression of that preference in our mind or attitude or behavior.”
When the Bible uses the word repentance in the New Testament, it is referring to the experience Christians have when they surrender their life to Christ, Piper continued. Repentance happens if a Christian’s life “takes a terrible turn into a path of destruction from which we need to be called back,” he said, and referenced the beginning chapters from the book of Revelation.
Learn ‘tough love’, holding people accountable in love! God will show you how to do it without ruining your Christian walk.




Jesse T. Jackson

A listener recently asked the theologian John Piper on his ‘Ask Pastor John‘ podcast, “How can I say that I have repented if I commit the same types of sin over and over?” The listener, “Doug,” said he often is “seized by depression” when he thinks of having to ask for repentance over and over again for the same sin.

Piper responded by first telling all his listeners, “Doug’s question is one of the most common questions that an honest and serious Christian has to ask.” This question is an “urgent” and “common” one within the lives of honest Christians.

Piper Says, ‘Don’t Call It Repentance’

John Piper on Repentance, Confession, and How to Kill Lust

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