“A pastor is like a forest ranger, he teaches people to build campfires, as he helps people put out wildfires”

This testimonial is written by our very Dear Brother in Christ, Pastor Victor Tafyoa (pictured above) of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have known Pastor Vic for years. I used to have him do the Good Friday Service on KKIM live every year. Pastor Vic and his lovely wife Barbara became our good friends. It was a blessing one Sunday when Sharon and I were invited to his Church to preach. I know my Brother and Sister heart’s so very much. I want you to know the heart of his ministry and the ministry of FGGAM. We are all sold out for God. We are not of politics, we are all GOD ALMIGHTY! Please pray about having me or Pastor Vic speak at your Church or event. We are committed to carrying out The Great Commission.
From Pastor Vic………
The little book of Jude would tell us that a big part of being a pastor is
 quenching the spirits that need to be quenched.  I heard it put this way
 “A pastor is like a forest ranger. He teaches people to build campfires, as he helps people put out wildfires”
Realize, the term “pastor” means “shepherd.” And a shepherd’s job is three-fold. He  was to lead the flock, he was to feed the flock, and he was to protect the flock. He sees to it that the sheep are lead to green pasture, that the sheep eat well – but he also protects the flock,
 and he makes sure the sheep aren’t eaten.
If all a pastor does is lead and feed, and feed, and feed the sheep – and never warns them of the wolves and predators that threaten – he’s only fattening them up for the slaughter. A pastor needs to lead, feed and protect or warn. But to do that meant that he had to have a tremendous amount of love for the sheep that he watched over.
And we find out right away from vs.1 why he did. Notice vs. 1 says
 “Jude, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James…”.  We learn right away that Jude was able to love the sheep because he was a bond servant of incarnate love, the Lord Jesus Christ. A bondservant was a servant who had given himself to his master willingly after serving for the previous 7 years because of love for the master.
He was also not interested in money or fame but servant hood. Jude could have name dropped and told everybody he was the Lords half brother but he didn’t. He humbled himself.  These are 2 qualities I have seen in Dewey since I met him back in the Kkim am days when Dewey allowed me to have a radio program when no one else would.
I learned right away that he was a Man of God, a bondservant of Christ and all he wanted to do was make the Lord and his word known. Dewey has continued in the ministry and is willing to go anywhere to lead, feed and protect the sheep.
Why? Because of the love that the true Shepherd has shed in his heart and through his life.
With so many churches and ministry’s, and there pastor’s , that have strayed away from the truth Dewey has not, Dewey is not only my brother in Christ but my friend! And I pray for him and his family that The Lord would continue to use him and them at For God’s Glory Alone Ministry and wherever the lord leads him and them.
The Lord Bless
Pastor Victor Tafoya
Devotion in Motion

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