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The Forgotten Hero the Charge Nurse

I drop her off in the early morn and glimpse her smile before she puts on her mask.

It’s another day of taking care of those who are unable to take care of themselves.

It’s another day of going behind protected doors to protect and nurture the elderly.

It’s another day of the unexpected; will they lose one of their residents today?

Or will they save one of them?

Will the day go smoothly? Shhh don’t say it out loud but boy it sure would be nice..

Will, they shed tears in the bathroom for a moment before cleaning up and stepping back into action?

Only that day will tell because every day is different in the life of a Nursing Home


They leave home and drop their own personal life at the facility door… why?

Because you cannot focus on yourself while trying to focus on the lives of others…

As many of us get on with our lives they are behind the scenes helping others get on with theirs.

They are put last while putting others first and they need our prayers and encouragement.

12 1/2 hours later after dropping her off, I pull up to the Nursing Home and wait with anticipation.

To see the expression on Her Beautiful Face was it a good day, a bad day, a sad day?

She takes off her mask and stands outside the vehicle for a minute to breathe in the fresh air,

She picks up her personal life again and gets in the vehicle, lets out a sigh because another day has just ended.

Then looks over at me, puts her smile back on, gives me a kiss, and looks out the window while we drive home.

My heart goes out to her because She is Not only my Amazing Wife, But I admire Her because She is an Amazing Hero,

A Charge Nurse full of Love and Compassion for those who cannot take care of themselves….

So I ask you today, please pray for our Nurses out there, they carry a burden on their hearts that you couldn’t even imagine… thank you from my Heart..

Stephen Lewis

Relevance For Today


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