Stand strong for the LORD! Do not compromise! It seems to me that compromising God’s Word is becoming all to common with people who identify themselves as Christians. They want a god that fits their beleifs and not GOD’S! I see it all over New Mexico and America! It is a pandemic!
Aristotle is quoted as saying, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” However, better advice came from King Solomon, who wrote centuries earlier: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Prov. 9:10). In our text today, we see that Solomon knew he deeply needed wisdom from God because he knew himself and he feared the Lord.
Solomon continued and did not ask for wealth or a happy life but rather he gave a mature request, “Give your servant a discerning heart” (v. 9). The word discerning can also be translated “hearing” or “obedient.” Solomon was asking for the capacity to obey God’s law and distinguish between right and wrong (v. 9). He recognized that the best thing for him to do was to stay in step with the law of God. In return, God richly blessed him for humbling himself and seeking wisdom.
I am so very sadden how the Governor of New Mexico is wielding her power (exceeding her power, I do not think this is what the founders of this state had in mind) I have never seen a governor like this in my life. New Mexico is a mess….the governor got her horrific abortion bill, assisted suicide, home delivery of booze and in the special session she got her pot bill. I have a hard time believing this is what New Mexicans wanted. If it is what the majority of people in New Mexico want…..we are headed to hell. I do not know how folks can sleep at night while God’s babies are killed by abortion.
“The Legislature is the appropriating body and we took steps this year to preserve that authority,” said Senator William Sharer (District 1San Juan).
Governor Vetoes Federal Funding Earmarks in State Budget
Members of the Senate Finance Committee respond to apparent “power grab”
SANTA FE – According to media reports, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham today vetoed more than $1 billion in legislative earmarks from the state’s budget bill, House Bill 2. With New Mexico slated to receive approximately $1.6 billion in federal stimulus funds, the Legislature earmarked a large portion of those federal dollars to shore up the state’s unemployment fund and to provide for road repairs and construction. In response to the Governor’s veto, Republican members of the Senate Finance Committee released the following statements:
“The Legislature is the appropriating body and we took steps this year to preserve that authority,” said Senator William Sharer (District 1San Juan). “We are the ones directly responsible to the citizens for how taxpayer dollars are spent and I am disappointed in what appears to be yet another power grab by this Governor. These earmarks were put in place to safeguard against unsustainable spending on new programs and initiatives that may go unfunded when federal money dries up. The Governor’s veto is not only irresponsible – it very well may be unconstitutional.”
“This was a bad budget and this action makes it even worse” said Senator Crystal Diamond (District 35-Dona Ana, Hidalgo, Luna, and Sierra). “I voted against this bill because it relied heavily on non-recurring revenue to justify a massive growth in government. Nonetheless, the Legislature ultimately passed the measure and sent it to the Governor because that is our job. Now the Governor is choosing to take the appropriating power away from us so she can again spend without legislative oversight. If we allow this happen, we are making it known that the Legislature is no longer an equal branch of government, but one that continues to cede more and more of its power to the Executive.” 
This is absolutely horrible!!!! Valencia County needs the facility so very bad and has fought for it for years! This healthcare facility would help save lives! I am really shaking my head on this! I am so very sadden for Valencia County! So we can have abortions, assisted suicides, pot heads, home delivery booze…but not a facility to save lives!!!!???!!!! Shame on you Governor! This stinks to high heaven! I have covered this effort for years and NOW THIS!!!???!!!
What is stewardship? Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2
FGGAM just received this news release:
NM Governor Vetoes Healthcare Facility Operation in Valencia County
Local Senators denounce pithy display of partisanship 
SANTA FE – In what can only be described as a fit of partisanship, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham today vetoed legislation for a healthcare facility in Valencia County. House Bill 240 – sponsored by Republican Senators Greg Baca and Joshua Sanchez, and Republican Representatives Kelly Fajardo, Alonzo Baldonado, and Gail Armstrong – would have allowed revenue generated from a 2006 local mill levy to be used for the operation of a 24-hour emergency healthcare facility licensed as a remote location of an acute care hospital. The bill unanimously passed the House of Representatives (67-0) and the Senate (41-0).
Senator Greg Baca (District 29-Bernalillo and Valencia) and Senator Joshua Sanchez (District 30-Cibola, Socorro, McKinley, and Valencia) released the following statements in response to the Governor’s veto”
“This was not just a piece of legislation – it was a lifeline for a community in need,” said Senator Baca. “Our community has been working on this for almost 15 years and we hoped this was the year the Governor would look beyond the city and see the needs of her rural constituents. Instead, in vetoing this good faith bill, she has turned her back on Valencia County and certified her legacy as one of the most partisan and vindictive governors to ever ‘lead’ New Mexico. As for our local citizens, they will sadly spend another year wondering if their lives depend on how fast they can drive to Albuquerque.”
“This was a nonpolitical bill that would have simply removed the final roadblock for rural, south central New Mexico to acquire a hospital,” added Senator Sanchez. “The legislation was so sensible that it transcended the hyperpartisan session and went to the Governor’s desk with unanimous, bipartisan support. The Governor, however, is so out of touch with New Mexico that she is willing to ignore the decades-long plea for quality healthcare in Valencia County. This is a sad day for our county and our state.”
From Billy Graham:

 It’s well and good when a person’s convictions are based upon the “Thou shalts” and the “Thou shalt nots” of Scripture rather than individual ideas. The Bible tells us to hold fast the faithful word of God with sound doctrine (Titus 1:9). His truth becomes the foundation of everything we believe, and to live by His commandment to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37), He provides the strength to live for Him without compromise, because we’re putting Him first in all things.

People generally respect a person of convictions, and many of them wish they had the moral stamina to stand alone. But when a Christian compromises, often the very ones who cause Christians to compromise will despise them for it. Returning to Biblical conversion, faith, and conviction would have a great impact on society, and God gives the strength to individuals to do this. When faith in Christ is anchored in Him alone, men and women can withstand peer pressure.

God often gives us an inner conviction or prompting to confirm which way He wants us to go. The prompting comes from the Holy Spirit. When we put Christ first in life – every hour of the day – we will be walking with Him every step. May the Lord give added courage for His people to be witnesses for Him, even in hard places.


FGGAM just received this new release from the New Mexico Secretary of State:


Six Candidates Qualify for Congressional Special Election, Absentee Ballot Requests Now Available


SANTA FE – Following this week’s Candidate Filing Day when prospective candidates for the Congressional District 1 special election and major parties submitted required paperwork in order to appear on the ballot, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver announced today that six candidates have qualified for the June 1, 2021 election.


“I’m pleased to announce today that my Office has officially certified six candidates for the special election ballot and I encourage all eligible voters to start learning about the candidates and getting prepared to vote,” said Secretary Toulouse Oliver.


The six candidates who qualified to appear on the ballot for the Congressional District 1 special election are as follows:


  • Aubrey Dunn (Independent)

  • Christopher Manning (Libertarian Party)

  • Mark David Moores (Republican Party)

  • Laura Olivas (Write-In)

  • Robert Ornelas (Write-In)

  • Melanie Ann Stansbury (Democratic Party)


A full list of all the candidates who submitted paperwork on Candidate Filing Day, which includes candidate contact information, can be found on the Secretary of State’s website. The names of write-in candidates will not appear on the ballot.


Our website also includes an informational page for the special election with a list of important dates and deadlines, the election proclamation, FAQs for candidates and voters, and more. These are some of the important dates for voters in Congressional District 1 to keep in mind:


  • Election Day is Tuesday, June 1, 2021 with polls open from 7:00am to 7:00pm


  • Register to vote or update voter registration online at NMVOTE.ORG

    • Deadline to register or update voter registration is May 4, 2021


  • Early voting runs from May 4, 2021 to May 29, 2021

    • Early vote at County Clerks’ offices starting on May 4, with wider early voting locations opening on May 15


  • Absentee voting is available

    • Apply for an absentee ballot beginning April 7

    • The last day to submit an absentee ballot application is May 27


The special election for Congressional District 1 will take place under the Governor’s current public health order regarding COVID-19. All polling places will be equipped with personal protective equipment for voters and election officials. Voters will be required to wear masks and follow all public health guidelines when voting in person.


Congressional District 1 includes most of Bernalillo County, all of Torrance County, and parts of Santa Fe, Sandoval, and Valencia Counties. All eligible voters who reside in Congressional District 1 can vote in the special election. Any voter who is unsure if they reside within the bounds of the district should review their voter registration at NMVOTE.ORG.

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