April 17, 2021
Today’s Daily Devotional


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”


Get your heart pure, and you will see God with the eyes of faith.

When Jesus says “pure in heart, He is not talking about your physical body. You get your spiritual heart right and your spiritual eyes will see.

Hebrews 11:27 says that Moses “endured as seeing Him who is invisible.” You get your heart right and you’ll see the invisible God…
…in circumstances
…in nature
…in the face of your spouse, your child, your grandchild.

You’ll see Him in the Scriptures. God will become a bright, living reality to you.


Put on the eyes of faith today and find God creating and sustaining life. Maybe there is a garden newly abloom with spring flowers. Do you see the hand of God?

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90 Seconds of Profound Truth

Be Ready To Give An Answer

We need to know who we are, what we believe, and why we believe it.

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The Last Step on the Way Down | Part 2

Romans 1:24


It seems our nation is on the last step on the way down, toward the society Paul warns about in the Book of Romans. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the danger of “tolerance” in a society bent on sexual immorality, and calls the church to a higher standard of purity.

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One of the ways God reveals Himself to us in scripture is through His names. Each of God’s names tells us something important about God, His character, and how He relates to us. Learn more about His names and find easy-to-share images.

Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers

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