Slain Officer Eric Talley a Dedicated Christian Homeschooling Father of Seven, What Are We Going to Do America?

Dr. Billy Graham stated in accepting with the Congressional Gold Medal, May 2, 1996.
“We have lost sight of the moral and spiritual principles on which this nation was established — principles drawn largely from the Judeo-Christian tradition as found in the Bible …
There is hope! Our lives can be changed … The Scripture says, ‘You must be born again’ …
Think how different our nation would be if we sought to follow the simple and yet profound injunctions of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and the Sermon on the Mount.”

I awoke at 3am today to get going reporting the news here at FGGAM. I do not move quickly from story to story…..I pray to God what He wants me to report and write. I am also praying that America does not move so quickly from this horrific tragedy in Boulder.  Shame on America if we just move on to the next massacre without doing something to stem this violence! We are so very messed up as a Country! So many put their self-interests above God and His people.  Why is not the Church leading the charge to stem this violence? It seems to me the Church is just standing by watching people get killed. Of late, I have been having visions of JESUS returning and flipping tables over in the Churches in America. The Church in America loves to preach to the choir. We kill God’s babies through abortion and gun fire. We all have blood on your hands. The Church has failed to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION, this is a command from our LORD, not a suggestion. There are Churches across America that have not baptized one person in a year or more. Pastor Don Kimbro of Albuquerque, one of the most godly men I have ever known, told me years ago, “Dewey, the problem with the Church is that it is not baptizing people and growing up Christians.” TRUTH! We need MATURE CHRISTIANS!

The Church has lost generations after generations, many do just not go to Church in America. I take my responsibly in this failure very seriously. Many grow up with no parents in the house, or just a Mom or Dad. may are raised my relatives. May children are never given the opportunity to attend Sunday School or Church. Satan has been ripping away at the social fabric of America for years….having his way with families. Sex addiction, child phonography, drugs, booze, child abuse, gambling, all have led to disaster for so very many families.

My Daddy a WW II Veteran always told me to take responsibility for what happens on my watch! I have dug in my heels for my LORD and will stand with ands for HIM until the day I die. The Church and all Pastors need to take its part in the responsibility for the mess we are in. I am so very sadden with this ‘hell on earth’.

So many Americans are blinded by Satan.

Read this from ‘Brady United”: REDUCE GUN VIOLENCE 25% BY 2025 They say it can’t be done. But we know Americans can do anything. Even end this epidemic of gun violence. For we are more powerful than any problem when we work as one. Under the leadership of Kris Brown, we unite people from coast to coast, young and old, liberal and conservative, fed up and fired up, to free our country from what is killing it. It’s in our hands.

Slain Boulder Police Officer, a Dedicated Christian Homeschooling Father of Seven

Why is the World full of evil?

“So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts” Eph 4: 17, 18.

The Scriptures call the mind of the natural man “blinded” 2 Cor. 4:4, “depraved” Romans 1:28, “corrupt” 1 Tim. 6:5, and “unspiritual” Col. 2:18. The natural mind thinks from a humanistic, sin-debased viewpoint. The viewpoint of the flesh directs its thoughts. The sinful mind is under the control of Satan and can never please God because it concentrates on things of the world and not things of the Spirit. The natural mind walks the road of hopelessness and self-destruction.

From Dr. Jim Denison:

Willing to die that we might live 

CNN reports that the Colorado tragedy is the seventh mass shooting in the US in the past seven days. According to Wikipedia, there have been 107 mass shootings in the US so far this year, killing 122 people and wounding 325 others. There have only been five days this month without such a tragedy.

The Officer Down Memorial Page lists seventy-nine police officers who have died in the line of duty so far this year. Sergeant Gordon William Best of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was the first. He was killed in a vehicle crash while responding to a call at about 4 a.m. on January 1 and is survived by his wife and two children. Officer Talley is the last, so far.

There are more than eight hundred thousand sworn law enforcement officers serving in the US. Since the first recorded police death in 1786, more than twenty-two thousand have been killed in the line of duty.

What kind of courage is required for police officers to risk their lives every day for people they do not know? What depth of commitment to their shared calling enables their spouses and children to watch them leave each day with no assurance that they will return?

What kind of person runs toward a shooting when everyone else is running away?

Each police officer and each officer’s family member deserves our deepest gratitude and highest respect, today and every day. The next time and every time you see a police officer, please thank them for their courageous service. They are willing to die that you might live.

Do you know your cross? 

I do not expect to risk my life today in the service of others. But I should be willing to do so or to pay any other price to fulfill God’s calling in my life.

Luke 9:23 records that Jesus “said to all, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’” Note that this is said to all, not just some. There is a cross for everyone who would follow Jesus.

  • It is a personal cross: “take up his cross.” Your cross may not be mine, and mine may not be yours.
  • It is a constant cross: “take up his cross daily.” This is a decision we must make every day of our lives. There is a cross for us every day that we live.
  • It is an imperative cross: Jesus said that we must take up our cross in order to “follow me.” We are not following Jesus unless we are bearing a cross to do so.

Do you know your cross? It might be a temptation you must pay a price to refuse, or a calling you must pay a price to fulfill, or both. Would you ask the Lord to identify your cross today? Then would you ask him to give you the strength to bear it?

“Well done, good and faithful servant” 

John 21:15 reads: “Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?’ He said to him, ‘Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.’ He said to him, ‘Feed my lambs.’”

In today’s First 15, Craig Denison responds: “Jesus is looking for disciples who will say yes to that which is greater than they could have ever imagined doing. He’s looking for friends like Simon Peter who will follow him wherever he leads, even it if means to their death. He’s looking for those who are so in love with him that at a single statement from his lips we willingly and obediently respond by taking up our cross as he did and living a surrendered, purposeful life.”

Craig then invites us to “assess whether Jesus truly is your greatest love. If he isn’t—if you wouldn’t follow him anywhere—take time to surrender anything you’ve placed above him. Confess any idols you have in your life that he might truly be crowned King of your heart today.”

Officer Eric Talley paid the highest price to fulfill his calling on behalf of those he served. The best way I know to honor his commitment is by emulating it. Then, one day, I hope Jesus will say to me what I am confident he said to Eric Talley yesterday: “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23).

By his courage and his sacrifice, Officer Eric Talley was a “good and faithful servant,” indeed. How will you follow his example today?

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