Sharon and I are so super blessed by all the friends that help keep FGGAM going! One of those is Angel Murchison! Another is Shona Neff! Years ago when i was managing KKIM Christian Radio in Albuquerque, Shona told me about this wonderful woman of God she met at a writers conference at the Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico! shortly thereafter, Angel started a radio ministry program on KKIM and then when FGGAM was formed she started writing Angel’s Prayer of the Day, 8 1/2 years ago! Her faithfulness in serving everyday inspires me as I try and do my best for God everyday, positing 7 days a week like Angel. We have missed very few days in the 8 1/2 years! PTL! Both Angel and Shona have introduced me to many writers for God and they now write for God here at FGGAM! Sharon and I are so ever grateful for the GODLY FRIENDSHIPS we have made in the 8 1/2 years to keep FGGAM move along for God’s Glory Alone!

Every now and then Angel writes one of her prayer letters for me and Sharon. We are so very grateful! Angel has had Sharon on her radio ministry program, “Destiny Moments” she knows the heart of my wife very well.

Angel, Thank you for this prayer and all those prayers you say and write for so very many of God’s people! Sharon and I love you!

March 17, 2021


Prayer Letter For Dewey & Sharon Moede

For Gods’ Glory Alone Ministries


Father thank you for Dewey and Sharon. Today, we declare and decree that this is their best year yet. We pray a ring of fire around them, a hedge of protection. Father we pray divine health for them. We declare your Word Psalm 107 v 20 over their lives. You, oh God, sent your Word and healed them.

Father, may they not grow weary in well doing for it is their harvest time. You see everything, Oh God, nothing escapes your watchful eye. They are true faithful servants of the most high God.

Father, today we declare increase in their lives. As they fight the good fight of faith (spiritual warfare) you give them victory. It has already been won.

Today we pray once again the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 over their lives.

Father, thank you that they will never know lack, but only the goodness of their God. The favor on their lives because of their obedience will follow them all the days of their lives.

Father, we pray strength for them. Deuteronomy 33:25 As thy day so does thy strength go.

Through faith they can overcome every obstacle. No matter how big the mountain through faith it can be removed. We speak to every mountain today and say come down from your high place. No weapon formed against Dewey and Sharon or this ministry will ever prosper.

In newness there is struggles, but you have given them the discernment and the strategies to enlarge their territories. (The prayer of Jabez)

Father, divine health, divine health, divine health! May they touch the hem of your garment today, we pray. Amen.

Stay blessed Dewey and Sharon, for this is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Everything he promised you is yours today. Amen.


Thank you so very much Angel. I want to encourage you to pray about ordering Angel’s book! We have it! It will inspire you everyday! Order Angel’s Book Here

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