On this week’s broadcast Angel Murchison interviews Prince and Mwango Youmbu, from Dubai. Together, they carry God’s message of love, reconciliation and of his return to the ends of the earth.

Tradition and idolatry had been their way of life in their family from generation to generation, and they worshipped the skulls of their ancestors and poured libation to appease them. Even when baptized and became Christian, this tradition still lingered. It was until 2017 that the Lord Jesus made things right through his mighty deliverance in their lives. The Lord then gave them the mandate to take his word to the ends of the earth and extend his loving kindness to all flesh.

They started this new walk with the Lord in the city of Abu Dhabi-UAE, where they held cell meetings, sharing the word of God and having communication on a weekly basis. They also were involved in helping the less privileged, the sick and the needy, to do works of charity, as the Lord Jesus taught them.

Prince and Youmbu run a Facebook page called LOG Ministry and moved to Dubai where they keep touching more lives, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through them, the Lord Jesus Christ has also been gracious to manifest his love through signs and wonders, and delivering his people from all kinds of unclean spirits and reconciling broken relationships to the glory of His holy name.

You will enjoy the testimony and meeting Prince and Youmbu through this broadcast. They are real people, that overcame real issues and know their God given destiny.

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