New Mexico Senate Passes Legislation to Legalize Assisted Suicide, GOP Senators Respond

Charlie H. Campbell
We’re not asking people to believe what the Bible says about God, just “because it says so.” No. We want people to believe the Bible because of the wealth of good evidence that has demonstrated the Bible to be trustworthy…hundreds of fulfilled prophecies…thousands of archaeological discoveries…numerous details in the Bible that have been corroborated by extrabiblical historical sources, and so on.

My heart is very sad…….

New Mexico Senate Passes Legislation to Legalize Assisted Suicide in New Mexico

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Senate today passed legislation to legalize assisted suicide in New Mexico. Despite numerous concerns raised regarding potential abuses, Senate Democrats advanced House Bill 47 on a 24-17 vote.

“While I sympathize with those facing terminal illnesses and the end of life, I fundamentally disagree that suicide is a compassionate solution.” said Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca (District 29-Bernalillo and Valencia). “In years past, the Legislature rejected this legislation with bipartisan opposition because of its flaws. The bill remains flawed and sadly, the unintended consequences may be fatal.”

“This legislation still lacks too many safeguards found in other states,” added local physician, Senator Gregg Schmedes (District 19-Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Torrance). “It allows non-physicians to determine capacity and to prescribe life-ending medication, and nothing in the bill explicitly requires an in-person examination. I am extremely concerned that we are exposing ill and vulnerable New Mexicans to abusive coercion from predatory family members and profit-driven insurance companies. I urge the Governor to veto this legislation.”

House Bill 47 will now head to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for her consideration.


America is changing so fast…….it makes my head swim!

From Christianity Today:

The American Medical Association has described physician-assisted suicide as a serious risk to society and “fundamentally incompatible with a physician’s role as healer.”

Millions of Americans disagree.

Two-thirds say it is morally acceptable for terminally ill patients to ask their doctors for help in ending their lives, according to a new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research. A similar number says doctors should be able to help terminally ill patients die.

Focus on the Family: Physician-assisted suicide is positioned by some as a caring response to the challenge of dying. But is it?

From Dr. Jim Denison:

Michael Youssef’s seven-step response to our “present crisis”

Yesterday, I voiced my grave concerns over moral compromise within the church, citing a church school whose gender inclusion policies clearly contradict orthodox biblical teaching. Given the moral degradation at the Grammys and across popular culture, countercultural stances such as the one taken by the Vatican are more urgent than ever.

To that end, I’d like to recommend highly a new book, Hope for This Present Crisis, by Michael Youssef. Dr. Youssef is a native of Egypt, a brilliant scholar (PhD in social anthropology from Emory University), and a noted pastor. I served a church in Atlanta not far from his congregation and have followed his ministry over the years with great appreciation.

His new book sounds the alarm: “This is our present crisis—not an external threat from terrorists or warlike nations or a viral pandemic, but a decline of faith, truth, and morality. It is hollowing out our society from within.”

Dr. Youssef explains how Critical Theory and “woke” strategies have led many to reject absolute truth and biblical morality. To this threat he offers a seven-step response:

  1. Remember the truth: stand firm for biblical morality on a foundation of “irrefutable evidence.”
  2. Restore the soul: seek the approval of God over others.
  3. Revitalize the family: pray fervently for our children and raise them to know and love God’s word.
  4. Reestablish the classroom: care for public school teachers, know what our children are being taught, and consider Christian schools or homeschooling where necessary.
  5. Respect our freedoms: know our rights, defend the rights of others, and pray for boldness.
  6. Reform our society: seek moral and spiritual purity for ourselves while praying for our nation and sharing the gospel with all people.
  7. Revive the church: demonstrate the forgiving love of Jesus at all times as we “put on the whole armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11) and seek opportunities to share our spiritual gifts.

“We need to go and invade these areas”

Author James Clear quotes philosopher and priest Franz Brentano: “What is at first small is often extremely large in the end. And so it happens that whoever deviates only a little from truth in the beginning is led farther and farther afield in the sequel, and to errors which are a thousand times as large.”

By contrast, as Dr. Youssef said in an interview on his book, “We must take charge. Christians have abandoned so many areas of society, from media and the classroom. Instead of withdrawing, we need to go and invade these areas and take them for Christ and not be afraid. We are on the right side. We have read the last chapter, and it says we will win.”

What area of culture will you invade today?

NOTE:  As believers, you and I want to know that we’re significant—that our lives have purpose and fulfillment, and that we’re a force for the kingdom in our culture. That’s why I wrote my book, Blessed: Eight Ways Christians Change Culture, and it’s why we’ve just re-released it with the inclusion of the bonus Blessed Small Group Study GuideThis special resource is my gift to thank you for your donation, so please request it when you give—knowing that your investment will help more Christians discern the news differently. Thank you for your generosity.

Shannon Bream with Fox News at Night spoke with Dr. Denison late Friday night about cancel culture and Bream’s new book, The Women of the Bible SpeakWatch Dr. Denison’s segment at the 32:40 marker.

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