Thank you Dear Freind in Christ, Laura Jan for making the Sharon and Dewey LOVE POSTER!!! We love you and yours!

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22

Today Sharon celebrates birthday number 65, she looks likes she is 29! I turn 65 on July 4th of this year. No retirement in the Bible, we go forth until the LORD says STOP!. I cannot begin to tell you all about what Sharon has done for me! Our friend Tom Johnson describes Sharon this way, “Sharon has such a quiet strength about her, very peaceful and strong and intelligent.” That is my Sharon. She does not desire the limelight. Sharon works full-time as an RN and supports the ministry of FGGAM. Sharon is the heart and brain behind the scenes here at the ministry. She helped groomed me to be able to step out of my 40 plus years in radio into full-time ministry. How many spouses would not ‘bat and eye’ when their spouse comes home one night and says, “Babe, I have to leave the radio business and do this ministry that the Lord is calling me to,  I do not know what it looks like, but I have to answer the call.” Sharon has been right there with me all the way. We had just bought a new house, new to us. I was earning a $90,000 a year and it was gone. The LORD took over and has guided us both through 8 1/2 years of ministry. I remember our friend Cathy Belanger telling me, “Dewey, the Lord never orders anything that He has not paid for.” We have such AWESOME Board members and friends and supporters! We would not be here at FGGAM without all you folks! Thank YOU LORD! Amen!

I said at the start of this post that God and Sharon and the kids are my light, that is for sure. We have five children and 3 grandchildren, they are all shining stars in their own ways. The miracle of life helps guide me in what I do and say. Family was invented by God. Family is what holds the world together. So many, too many families in the world have been ripped apart by Satan. Treasure your family, put God first and then your spouse and kids. Have an awesome Pastor and the Body of Christ to help you through the tough spots of life. Read God’s Word everyday to guide you, talk to God about everything and listen for HIS VOICE! AMEN!!! PTL!!!

Some thoughts for you to ponder today……..

Couples who pursue companionship with one another experience the blessing of oness.

Marriage provides the divine context of having children.

Oneness in marriage is necessary in order to multiply a godly legacy.

Neither women or men are made emotionally, spiritually, or physically to raise children by themselves. Child rearing requires a team effort.

To appreciate their sexual identity, children must see a harmonious marriage modeled by their parents.

The best hop for children to understand unconditional love comes as parents demonstrate that kind of love in the home.

This is from a workbook that Sharon and I both received several years ago at a Family Life Weekend to Remember! I have this book in my office and read and preach from it from time to time. Make sure your talking godly care of your spouse and kids.



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