The United States has never been a Christian nation, says Rev. Franklin Graham. In fact, Graham believes the moral decline he currently sees in the U.S. highlights the need for believers everywhere to refuse to compromise on the teachings of Scripture.

“Our country is not a Christian country, never has been,” said Franklin Graham in an interview with ChurchLeaders. “We have some Christian principles, but we’re not a Christian country.” He went on to say, “I just think for us as Christians, we’ve got a very difficult few years in front of us. We’ll lose a lot of our freedoms, and I’m not sure we’ll get them back in our lifetime.”

Franklin Graham: Governments Come and Go—This Is What Matters

Another American Tragedy: Police Officer and 9 Others Die in Boulder Massacre

I was reading yesterday where a politician stated “I will save America” How foolish. JESUS is the only one that saves. I am so heartbroken as to seeing my Country die it has been a slow death but it is speeding up. America may go on…..but it looks different everyday now, it is not the America I knew… is something very, very dark. So much of America does not beleive in JESUS. America is very ungodly as generation after generation is lost. I remember years ago, back in in the late 80’s in Christian Radio, we would talk about FAMILY VALUES! Now in America there is…what? 10 different versions of Family Values? QAnon, WOKE, Proud Boys….etc…!!!! Pastors used to preach on HEAVEN and HELL, SIN, REPENTANCE, SALVATION, BLOOD OF CHRIST, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. THE GREAT COMMISSION!!! The Church has got to GET BACK TO THE BASICS!  What are the Ten Commandments? What is the Great Commission? America, you better be thankful for all the Police Officers…..all Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMT’s……..they face hell everyday, One officer was killed yesterday, God Bless the memory of Officer Eric Talley. They risk their lives everyday and take so much hell from many in America! Sure, there are some bad apples, just like in any profession, that does not mean you throw out the whole bunch!

Boulder Massacre

This is what I wrote before I went to bed yesterday …..I am wore down…..America is wearing me out. America always thought it would be destroyed from the outside…..the enemy is within….America is destroying itself.

America is falling it is falling apart very fast now I fear what it will look like in just 6 months. Politics is not going to save this country, it never could. There is evil in both parties. Too many made politics there god. God’s Judgement has and is on America. The wrath of God is on America. What is the biblical understanding of the wrath of God? If Jesus would come today He would flip tables over in many of the Churches.  My heart breaks for our children in America. We have not done a good work for them. The Church is losing its influence very fast now.

Church attendance continues to fall in America. The Church is preaching to the choir for the most part not carrying out the Great Commission and winning souls for Jesus. The late, great man of God Chuck Colson said years ago that the American Church had turned into a high school pep rally! TRUTH!

I will preach Jesus until I die

94-year-old Clara Nelson, Windom, Minnesota Prayer Warrior told me last week from her hospital bed that so many children never get the opportunity to attend Sunday School anymore because their Parents do not go to Church. So many children are never given the opportunity to start in the Church. Satan has been having a heyday ripping apart the American family unit for decade after decade. America is paying a deep price.

How can JESUS be happy with the America Church?


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