Following a National Trend, Many New Mexicans Are Leaving the Republican Party


WHERE ARE THE STEWARDS IN AMERICAN POLITICS????? Principles of Bible Stewardship

Bill Peel:

Although God gives us “all things richly to enjoy,” nothing is ours. Nothing really belongs to us. God owns everything; we’re responsible for how we treat it and what we do with it. While we complain about our rights here on earth, the Bible constantly asks, What about your responsibilities? Owners have rights; stewards have responsibilities.

We are called as God’s stewards to manage that which belongs to God. While God has graciously entrusted us with the care, development, and enjoyment of everything he owns as his stewards, we are responsible to manage his holdings well and according to his desires and purposes.

Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to His service, you could not give Him anything that was not in a sense His own already. 

– C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men

I had predicted this over a year ago or more…. but what do I know???!!! …..I do not recognize the Republican Party anymore. It has turned very dysfunctional, about as bad as the Democrats. The Dems are also losing people. Politics in America is so dirty! I have said for over a year the GOP in New Mexico has weak leadership. The head of the GOP Steve Pearce has served his time. The GOP better get new leadership soon or it will be sunk for years. Many of my GOP friends say that if Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham runs again, she will win, as the GOP is poorly led and does not have anybody that can win the Governors office at this time.  The Republican Party has failed, they have not been able to swing enough New Mexicans over to their side, one reason is Steve Peace is out of touch with the state. The GOP of New Mexico is not putting up strong enough candidates that relate to the people of New Mexico. The GOP spends much of its time preaching to the choir! I hear that from my friends in rural New Mexico. Yes, I am an old fashion news reporter, I talk to the common folk like myself, I call on the phone. The Republicans have allowed the Dems to take over the Roundhouse and pass horrific bills re: PRO-ABORTION! ASSISTED SUICIDE NEXT? LEAGALIZED POT NEXT? There are more than enough reasons why New Mexico ranks at the top of many bad rankings, including the well being of our children:

2020 State Trends in Child Well-Being By KIDS COUNT: This year, New England states hold two of the top three spots for overall child well-being. Massachusetts ranks first, followed by New Hampshire and Minnesota. Louisiana (48th), Mississippi (49th) and New Mexico (50th) are the three lowest-ranked states.

2020 KIDS COUNT Data

The GOP of New Mexico is not touching the hearts of so many. It shakes me to the core that I live in a state where the majority of the voters put anti-baby people in office.

Christians in New Mexico continue to lose their influence in New Mexico as the majority of the people continue to vote for pro-abortion candidates. Once again the Church loves to preach to the choir. Many Churches have failed to carry out What is The Great Commission?, which is not a suggestion from the LORD, it is HIS command to all Christians!

As far as the National GOP, I see know one worth a hoot, same with the Dems. I saw this coming years ago when in 1995 when I became an Independent, I refuse to vote for dysfunction. It is getting harder to vote because I vet my candidates by God’s Word, and it is getting hard to find any politician that abides by the WORD OF ALMIGHTY GOD!


Too many folks have made god’s out of politicians. Shame.

The Republicans have become known by many as the party of hate by many and the Dems the party of death and hate, re: Abortion, Assisted Suicide. Both parties are horrible examples for our children and their children, growing up with so many public servants that are crazier than bed bugs!


Following a National trend, Many New Mexicans are leaving the GOP

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