Pastor Dewey Note: If you know me well, you may know that I am always thankful for my Christian foundation that was built in Windom, Minnesota starting in 1956. Daddy planted that tree on the day I was born, July 4th, 1956. (That picture of me standing by the tree was taken about 5 years ago) It is standing strong to this day. I strive to stand strong for Jesus until I go home. I was blessed with Christian parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, I had such wonderful Sunday school teachers at the American Lutheran Church in Windom! Such a great foundation that I pray every child gets! This is a key reason I preach! I have a long list of people that have helped me along the way……….a very long, long list which I am so very thankful for! Thank YOU JESUS!


March 31, 2021

Building to Last Forever


1 Corinthians 3:11-15

When a high-rise building goes up in my city of Atlanta, Georgia, I think about all the construction involved. Underneath is a grid of steel and concrete giving strength to all the floors stacked overhead. In a similar way, we need a firm foundation to build a life with purpose. Jesus lays that groundwork for believers when they receive His salvation.

Christ’s saving grace gives His followers a new life. Sins are wiped away so that we have a clean “work site,” so to speak. Empowered by Jesus’ strength and wisdom, we can build on His foundation. The decision that needs to be made is whether to shape our eternal legacy with God-serving activities and habits or selfish ones.

Paul separates spiritual construction material into two categories: durable metal and dry kindling (1 Corinthians 3:12). A grass hut is easily destroyed by fire, but at the judgment, we want to greet the Lord from a sturdy structure, built with gleaming bricks of godly service and a diligent application of Scripture.

The life we create is useful to God only if it is consistent with Jesus Christ’s foundation. You might say that He is the architect and the Bible is the blueprint for successful living—and it’s in our best interest to follow those plans.

Bible in One Year: 1 Samuel 22-24

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