About 3 years ago I had a couple call me about a similar letter they had received from their Home Church, no phone call, no visit, just a letter. They had attended the Church for years! When problems arise it is my opinion the Pastor and another leader from the Church must go visit the person or persons, personal contact, at the very least a phone call. We must talk about them face to face, in the love of Jesus and in accountability. If a face to face meeting is not possible then it should be done by Zoom or phone. We are the Body of Christ, we must practice clear communication with each other, not a form letter.


A Tennessee Church’s Form of Church Discipline Goes Viral

Church discipline is a common practice in Scripture, but Jesus’ guidance is clear that such discipline is to be done in person–not by letter. “Church discipline is not man’s idea, but God’s. Whatever Jesus meant by ‘You shall not judge’ in Matthew 7, he didn’t mean to rule out loving correction between Christians, as he describes it in Matthew 18:15-20,” writes Jonathan Leeman in “10 Things You Should Know About Church Discipline.”

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Taking Stock of the State of Church Communications

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