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In the February 01 newsletter: Learn about the Law, what it means to be saved by grace, and the challenges of living for Christ today.


Christ’s gift of salvation has set you free from bondage to sin and guilt. But are you struggling to live like it?

Don’t let anything hold you back from experiencing true freedom. In this month’s teaching letter, Dr. Stanley explains how you can avoid a common obstacle to your spiritual liberty.

Break the chains of legalism


March to the beat of a different drum

First-century Roman culture wasn’t welcoming to early Christianity. Yet Scripture tells us there was at least one Roman officer who had a heart for Jesus—and he wasn’t afraid to say so.

In this Bible study, you’ll see how you can show that same courage, commitment, and respect for Jesus today.

You can stand for Christ in a secular culture


What does a missionary do when he can’t travel?

Reed Skinner and his family used to be missionaries in Honduras. But because of the coronavirus, they’ve had to wait out the pandemic stateside.

When you’re waiting and praying for the all-clear


God wants to use you!

God equipped Moses to fulfill his purpose. And He can do the same for you. Watch as Dr. Stanley talks about all that God will do when you’re willing to obey Him.

See how He will help you handle every difficulty

Lasting change is possible

When you transform your thinking with godly truth, you think godly thoughts.

Listen as Dr. Stanley explains how you can live a godly life that honors the Lord and brings you peace.

Here’s how the way you think shapes the way you act

Willpower is weak

You want to obey God. But do you still find yourself acting in ways that are anything but Christlike?

Truth is, human strength and willpower aren’t enough. In today’s devotion, you’ll learn to trust the Lord’s promises that He will complete the good work He began in you—and He never fails!

Discover the secret to a Christian’s success


Find out what the Bible has to say about what’s important to you. Simply pick a topic. Then flip to the right page.

With Dr. Stanley’s Handbook for Christian Living, you’ll have biblical answers ready and waiting at your fingertips.

Get your copy of this must-have reference

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