“I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

– Gen. 3:10

recent poll by Chapman University reveals we Americans are gripped by fear. We fear everything from corrupt government officials (#1) to not having enough money for the future (#10). Fear is the millstone around our neck. We are only a few chapters into the Bible before Adam, the great heir of God’s glory, is found hiding in the woods of the garden. Yet, vigorously and consistently, God keeps coaxing us out of hiding. The angels shout Be not afraid; the prophets urge, I go before you, and the psalmist assures us God holds our afflictions.

My Dear, Dear Friends, Please keep your eyes on JESUS! Do not let the ‘nothing noise of the world’ ‘grip you into fear’ Keep the TV news off and soak in the BIBLE! AMEN!
Lord, thank you for the heat and comfort in our home, Lord thank you for our safety, let us never forget all these comforts. Lord we pray for those that have no home and safety, our hearts break for them. Lord thank you for my lovely wife Sharon and loyal Daisy who adds such love to our home. Thank you for the food you provide to us and all the friends and supporters of FGGAM that helps keep us going. Lord thank you for all the smiles and laughs that Sharon and I share, thank you for YOUR PURE JOY! Thank you for all our children and grandchildren that they are safe and sound and that YOU look after them daily. So many things to be thankful Lord, I pray all of us stop looking at the world so much, the ‘nothing noise’ the ‘air pollution’ that is used to distract us from YOUR GLORY!!! Lord, thank you for forming FGGAM and having me look after this ministry it is such blessing to write and talk about you all the time! in JESUS name we give you all GLORY, AMEN!
PS LORD: I pray we all learn more that all we need to do is sit still and have a conversation with you.

From Yesterday:

I asked Brother Danny Whatley (Pictured above) of the The Rock at Noon Day in Albuquerque to lead us in prayer……..
Father, we ask that you watch over and keep those who, because of their present situation find themselves on the street and without adequate shelter. We pray for protection and provision for those in this situation. We ask Father that you would guide those who are homeless, give them the wisdom they need to take advantage of the services that are provided so they might be safe. We pray Father that in the beauty of Your world, even in these days of snow, cold and wind, that those who have not accepted Your provision of salvation, that in Your creation they see the truth of Your word and Your promise of eternal life in and through salvation. Father we also pray for those who are housed and relatively safe during this dangerous weather that they would recognize needs and use their resources to assist those less fortunate. We also ask Father that you grant us wisdom and guide us and not allow those of us that have been blessed to not be judgmental of those who for whatever reason find themselves in the situation that the homeless, hungry and hurting find themselves. Lord remind us that Your Son, my Savior Jesus not only died for me, but for those we consider to be unworthy. We thank you in advance for hearing us, guiding us and providing what we need. We pray this in Jesus name, Amen

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