Last night my Dad, Wally Moede came to me in a dream from God. It was so pure and clear. My Daddy hugged me and kissed me! My Dad was Assistant Fire Chief for years back home and this picture was taken in the late 70’s. Grandpa Chris Moede was also a firefighter in Windom, Minnesota our hometown, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. I served on the Osceola, Indiana Fire Department. I know from that vivid dream that the Lord gave me that I am so much loved by God Almighty and my Dad. Conformation that I am on God’s track, not a political track. God knows I have been so supper upset about what is happening to our Country, chest pains, tooth ache, sadness, mourning…. even people of God acting crazy, making politicians a god! Lord have mercy on these folks. I suspect I am going to lose friends from standing in the gap for God, even Pastors, I have been worried about that, but with what God showed me last night, He loves me my Daddy loves me and I will go on.

It is so wonderful to truly know what God wants you to do and say and write. At this time you have to really, really stay grounded in GOD! If your faith is not strong you will be swept away by Satan. Your faith must be in GOD mot man or a political party, look at where the Dems and Republicans have us!

Mark Twain once said, “The only difference between a Democrat and Republican is the spelling.”

The one issue that sticks way above however, is Abortion that is for sure, but otherwise both parties and their leaders are so very dysfunctional. People died at the Capitol invasion, that is getting lost all the “political nothing noise” I have not heard one word from the President of the United States on the deaths. SHAME! Are we so distracted that life does not mean anything more, only our self interests? I guess so, we allow the killing of God’s babies to continue.

look at where the Dems and Republicans have brought us! OI can smell hell from here.!

Remember EGO stands for Edging God Out!

All this evil happens when people do not have a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

So very many Americans are blinded by their politics, they have made politicians gods. SHAME!

Stand in the LOVE of JESUS!
Politics is the playground of Satan!


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