Tim Tebow’s March for Life Speech Includes Story of Mom Dismissing Advice to Terminate Pregnancy


Tim Tebow’s March for Life speech includes story of mom dismissing advice to terminate pregnancy
Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback and current New York Mets minor league outfielder, was among the speakers at Friday’s virtual March for Life rally.

Read in Fox News: https://apple.news/A3klzuxLJSWOEnMFEv26DbA

Abby Johnson Says It’s Up to Us to Stop Abortions, Not The President

Your greatest test will be how you handle someone who mishandled you. From Havilah Cunnington

I love Abby Johnson….a couple of years ago when I was driving to up near Las Vegas, New Mexico to officiate at a wedding and I heard Abbey interviewed on Focus on the Family. The statement that she made that sticks with me to this day was, “It was not the hate that got me over to the Pro-Life movement, it was the love that was shown by the people at the Pro-Life clinic.” I LOVE HER PASSION FOR GOD’S BABIES! Abby is a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager, she’s founded the ministry And Then There Were None

As we see the state of affairs in America, hate is hell. Our country is being destroyed by hate.

From Focus on the Family:

Abby Johnson Shares How It’s Up to Us to Stop Abortions, Not the President

Read here as to what is happening in Poland:

Poland Abortion Ban

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