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In the January 25 newsletter: Find out God’s plans for your life and learn to see the good amidst life’s hardships.


Are you still trying to figure out what you should be striving for this year? Gain direction for your life with Dr. Stanley’s new devotional.

Be inspired each day as you read the selected scripture, an application, and a short prayer. You’ll be able to invigorate your quiet time and seek God’s purpose for you.

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When hope replaces shame

Ann White’s hard upbringing equipped her to care for women in prison and teach them about Jesus.

And as she gathers with them, she spurs on the healing process and helps them on their journey with the Lord.

Find freedom in Christ

The promise of restoration

All the trees on Boneyard Beach are now dead.

But thankfully, this scene reminds us of how we’ll one day be transformed no matter the pain and heartache we’ve been through.

See how God can transform you


7 truths to help you trust God

We don’t always understand why God works the way He does. But we can be assured that He is always in control.

Watch as Dr. Stanley reminds you to always trust God

A change of heart ❤️

Inviting Jesus into your life is one of the best decisions you could ever make. What’s next, though?

Listen as Dr. Stanley talks about what happens after you accept Christ as your Savior.

Step by step guidance for the journey ahead

Green pastures and dark valleys

For a believer, there are times when God’s blessings are obvious. On other occasions, we’re surrounded by darkness.

In today’s devotion, you’ll see how no circumstance can keep His goodness and lovingkindness from you.

Count on God’s comfort and protection

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