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Peace. Purpose. Personal relationship with God. These are the three things people need in life. When comfort and ease and pleasure are exalted, progress is always set back.

The truth is that the whole human race is consumed with a search for inner peace, for the human conscience can be relentless. The peace mankind seeks is not merely a nondescript, so-called peace of mind which is blind to reality or comes and goes according to our moods or circumstances. The peace every person seeks is one which will free them from the anxiety and frustrations of life’s distracting conflicts and problems. It is a peace of soul which permeates one’s entire being, a peace that operates through the trials and burdens of life.

People also search for purpose in life. Man is confused and perplexed, wondering where he came from, why he is here, and where he is going. He wants to know if there is truth in this universe. The philosopher declares that man has no God-given purpose and is left to make up his own purpose and meaning in life, if he can. But down inside we yearn for something more certain.

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