January 7, 1930 – “This is a peculiar country.” – Will Rogers
Among his many attributes, Will Rogers was a great radio broadcaster, not a Dem or Republican, he didn’t care, he just stated the truth. They always said about Will that he arrived on the scene before the Red Cross! I visited the Will Rogers Museum in Oklahoma several years ago and I have studied his life for years. I have tried to take in a lot of what I have learned from him into my days in radio and now at FGGAM. This is a very peculiar country, I don’t know what it is anymore, it sure is not the America I knew.
It is very clear that the majority of people in New Mexico do not value God’s Babies, because the voters put in anti-life people in the legislature, at this point they are running  New Mexico. Yesterday was a very bad day at the the State Capital, I use that term as many of our readers are from all over the world and do not know what the ‘Roundhouse’ is. Two anti-life bills advanced.
Thank you Elisa for this Breaking News from the Roundhouse:
BREAKING: Extreme Abortion Up-to-Birth Bill Passes House Judiciary on Party-Line Vote. No amendments, no protections for the unborn, women, girls, nor healthcare providers.
This also happened yesterday:
I have never lived in a state that devalues life as much as New Mexico, I am extremely disturbed, hard to sleep at night right now. I have been reporting on so many issues of life in the last couple of months I have worn out the letters on my keyboard! So I am typing this sort of blind! I look at what Montana is doing, I look at the leadership in South Dakota, I see great things, I see only darkness in New Mexico, I have worked in radio in both Montana and South Dakota, I love both states. I love the people of New Mexico, I love the scenery of New Mexico, but the state is being destroyed in many ways. I really beleive that Pastors and the Church have not been active enough in stopping such ungodly legislation. What does your Pastor say about all this? Does your Pastor speak to this type on ungodly legislation? Does your Pastor speak to the killing of God’s babies? If not, why?
When I was in the radio business, when times would get very tough financially, some owners and market managers would not answer the phone…..It makes me wonder about some Pastors….
From Charles Stanley:

The Danger of Error in the Church


2 Timothy 2:16-21

Ever since the beginning of church history, believers have been in a battle for the truth. That’s why, in today’s reading, Paul admonished Timothy to be faithful—not only in preaching God’s Word but also in refuting false doctrines. Both types of instruction are necessary for the health of a local congregation. False teaching …

• Leads to further ungodliness (2 Timothy 2:16). A false teacher’s words may sound religious, but something counterfeit can never make a person righteous. Apart from the true Word of God (John 17:17), no one can grow in holiness.

• Spreads like gangrene (2 Timothy 2:17). Once deceitful ideas infiltrate a church and are accepted by a few, contagion can ultimately make the entire congregation spiritually sick and prone to ignore the Spirit’s power.

• Overthrows the faith of some (2 Timothy 2:18-19). The church as a whole loses effectiveness when individual members turn away from Christ to embrace error.

If we’re firmly grounded in the Scriptures, we can more easily recognize and flee from seductive ideas that would lead us astray. Accurate knowledge of God’s Word is our best protection.

Bible in One Year: Leviticus 1-4

The last I looked the unemployment in South Dakota was about 3 percent. Governor Noem is doing an pout standing job there. Most of all SHE STANDS FOR LIFE! This is from her Facebook page:

Anyone who has met a child or a person with Down syndrome knows that they are a gift from God. Their beautiful smiles and unique personalities bring such joy and warmth into our lives. And yes, God saw fit to bless these children with an extra chromosome.

Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes these wonderful children for the gift that they are. Recent media reports share the sad reality that some European countries, like Iceland and Denmark, have virtually eliminated children with Down syndrome by aborting nearly every child that has it.
We want to protect children with Down syndrome in South Dakota from being similarly discriminated against just for having an extra chromosome. That’s why I introduced legislation to ban abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.
Research estimates that two out of every three Down syndrome pregnancies in the United States end in an abortion. And tests to diagnose Down syndrome can be conducted as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy. In South Dakota, we’ve already worked to ban abortions after 20 weeks, and my proposal would protect children with Down syndrome even before that.
The Declaration of Independence summarizes what we all know in our hearts to be true: God created each of us and endowed all of us with the right to life. This is true for everyone. It’s true for every preborn child. And it’s true for those with an extra chromosome.
I look forward to the day when the Supreme Court recognizes that all preborn children inherently possess this right to life, too. Until that time comes, I am asking the South Dakota legislature to pass this legislation.
Science continues to reinforce the pro-life cause. It seems that every time we learn something new in developmental science, we discover that babies develop even faster than we previously realized. I am confident that as the science continues to develop, we will find more and more proof that preborn children are just as human as you and me, and they are just as deserving of constitutional protections.
I will continue to fight every day to protect the lives of preborn children. Just like I promised you all, I assigned an Unborn Person Advocate in my office to recommend legislative and policy changes that protect life.
When I gave my State of the State address earlier this year, I invited two families who I have known for years: the Fite family from Platte, South Dakota, and the Duffy family from Wisconsin. Two of their children, Cody Fite and Valentina Duffy, have Down syndrome. Cody and Valentina’s presence in Pierre that day brought a delight to the Capitol that is seldom seen.
We will continue working to pass this and other proposals in the future to protect children like Cody and Valentina. Let’s make South Dakota a symbol of hope, justice, and love for them and so many other children yet to be born.

March for Life 2021 Had ‘Somber’ Tone This Year


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Tim Tebow’s March for Life speech includes story of mom dismissing advice to terminate pregnancy
Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback and current New York Mets minor league outfielder, was among the speakers at Friday’s virtual March for Life rally.

Read in Fox News: https://apple.news/A3klzuxLJSWOEnMFEv26DbA

Abby Johnson Says It’s Up to Us to Stop Abortions, Not The President

Your greatest test will be how you handle someone who mishandled you. From Havilah Cunnington

I love Abby Johnson….a couple of years ago when I was driving to up near Las Vegas, New Mexico to officiate at a wedding and I heard Abbey interviewed on Focus on the Family. The statement that she made that sticks with me to this day was, “It was not the hate that got me over to the Pro-Life movement, it was the love that was shown by the people at the Pro-Life clinic.” I LOVE HER PASSION FOR GOD’S BABIES! Abby is a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager, she’s founded the ministry And Then There Were None

As we see the state of affairs in America, hate is hell. Our country is being destroyed by hate.

From Focus on the Family:

Abby Johnson Shares How It’s Up to Us to Stop Abortions, Not the President

Read here as to what is happening in Poland:

Poland Abortion Ban

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