When I started in radio back in the late 70’s I played a Country song by Johnny Lee entitled “Looking for love in all the wrong places” It was a big hit. The Lord keeps brining me back to that song during this time of Civil War in America. Too many Americans, yes including Christians, have fallen in love with politics, looking in all the wrong places for love and made a god out of politicians. The present turmoil we see in America is due in large part to the politics of the day. Politics is the playground of Satan. Look at us today…..we need to look to GOD ALMIGHTY, The one and only GOD! We, as a Country, need to repent of our sins! Politics has put us on the verge of collapsing. Americans need to stop drinking the political Kool-Aid of the day and seek the face of JESUS and repent. America do not say, God Bless America! Say America, Bless God! God made us the greatest country ever, we are the ones that are destroying it! Way too many Christians are showing an unbelieving world what it wants to see, Christians acting ungodly!

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